Girls tied up and pied in the face?

Anyone into seeing girls tied up, and getting pies thrown in their face? Just launched a site recently.

Stop by and have a look-see.

No but l once heard of a magistrate who liked the girls to tie him up and throw ring donuts at his erect cock. If they managed to land one on him he used to reward them !!! A conditional discharge l presume !!!!
What sort of pies frayedknot, can't see too much romance in being mullered by a two kilo Melton Mowbray - but he ho who am l to say !!!

i,m up for men being tied up and having pussies smudged all over thier face , mind u i wouldn,t mind being tied up and having pie thrown into face ,the face down below which has lips & then have every bit licked up followed by a good hard shafting up my hole ,mind you i like the doughnut throwing idea on an erect cock and getting a reward..

Wow traceyd68 early riser kid !!! If anyone out there has tried this one yet can you let me know. Reckon jam ring donuts would have too small holes, but you could use the iced version for added sticability. Trace you would have to take off the fishnets or there might be an awful mess!!! Take it you are good at knots then hun xx

yes tallboy i,m am certaintly an early riser , well to be honest haven,t sleep a wink all night espically when i have other things to play with that rise to my occasion & for those doughnuts i was thinking of my own split doughnet that has a hole that,that with out a doubt will certaintly slip nicely on to a nice hard errected cock & getting my juicy rewards and for knots i love getting out of them. Oh Tallboy those fishnets were taken of , so the only mess that were made were my juicy bouncing up and down my nice hard errected cock.

no im certainly not into that lol....just alittle to wierd if u ask me haha

Wow tracey talking of rising..... laptop in danger of being catapulted halfway across the room !!! ha ha. Anyone else noticed Kunilingus' picture, some willing soul with the tail end of a butternut up her ass !!! How cool is that then folks !!