girls, whats it like to kiss another girl???

Im just curious, i mean the only way for a woman to be ultimately pleasured is by having another woman do it, because she knows what women want, right???

I dunno. I'd say guys are pretty good.
I mean when I'm going down on my girlfriend I think "What do I like her to do to my cock?" then do that to her clitoris.

Admittedly the innards are the whole different ball game.

Oh i dont disagree, i'd say guys are pretty good too, i was just curious. I asked my boyfriend this, and he said the same as you Gray, but, he also asks me what i like as well, weve been together forever, and he still asks! just to make sure!

well i reckon women are bettter at sex by a long stretch. i am biased of course. but its the emotional angle that makes a differnce plus lack of heterosexual 'formula'. gives u lots of room for manouvre and experimentation.
hey, go on, give it a try and see for yourself....

Girl on girl kissing, where do l get the tickets!!!!!

well i'd say there are many benefits from kissing another girlie, main one being, no stubble or beard to worry about! haha! generally its just softer, slower, more intense and very hornifying! :)

Never been one for girl on girl sex stuff- I'm way too big a fan of the cock- but kissing girls is nothing special I found. At the end of the day, everyone kisses in a variety of ways, and the- admittedly few- girls I've kissed didn't kiss much differently to guys.

Go for it though if you're curious and your bloke doesnt mind.

I've kissed a girl, but nothing more. It was nice, but not better/worse than a bloke. It just depends how the person kisses I suppose. Some blokes are crap kissers, some are ace, and I'm sure girls are the same. Luckily the girl I kissed was all right!!

I've found, after extensive research kissing both men and women, that in my experience-

-men kiss rougher, wetter, and are more likely to grab your ass, breasts, or head while kissing- their teeth get in the way more, as well, and they're often wild with their tongues, in a not-as-appealing way

-women kiss softer, longer, are delicate and teasing with their tongue, somewhat drier, and more creative- they kiss the neck, and back to the lips. They don't grab your body as often, which is too bad, and there tends to be more of a push-pull sensuality to it.

I'm desperate to kiss a woman, the thought of doing it really turns me on!

you should get yourself down to a gay club and chat up a nice girlie tatiebee ;) or find one online!

kissing girls and boys is mostly the same. it just depends if they are good kissers or not. of course if you are inhibited or new to it, the taboo aspect my heighten the sensations.

I'm ultimately pleasured by a man. I can't imagine doing it with female.

I just can't imagine meeting another woman in the same way as I would a man - I mean, it sounds daft but how do you know if another woman is interested?

hmmm she's just a lot more friendly and interested in you than she would be if she was only interested in being a friend....if that makes sense...also body language gives away a lot!

i get very turned on when kissing another girl! when i was 17 i had a sleepover and we all got drunk and played spin the bottle and i snogged most of my friends and it felt really good. Ive had a sexual experience with one of my girl friends and her going down on me was SOOOOO good! she knew what to do and she liked to rub her wet pussy against mine...was one of the best experiences ive had...will defo do it again!

Kissing a woman is softer and more sensual than kissing a man. Lots of tenderness and long, wet, slippery touching. Foreplay starts with kissing that lasts a lot longer than a man wants it to last. I guess that's why I perfer making love to lasts longer and I have stronger orgasms! Who wouldn't like that?