Glans Ring

have got the wife exploring some bondage type fantasies finally so have ordered the dominix glans ring as an experiment/surprise for her. Does anyone have any experience with this? Reviews a little mixed but a decent price thrown in with some outfits so wanted to give it a try. Thanks

We thoroughly enjoy this product:

The first time was a surprise for her, followed by an inspection and 'that's good...' For me it can be worn all the time without falling off, maybe a little tight when hard. I think you have seen my review, good luck and enjoy!!

I have the product you've tagged but sadly I couldnt get on with it, It would not stay in place, especially once you start adding lube >.< I'd say i'm in the average department but not circumcised so maybe that didnt help.

Will feedback after a few play sessions with it, sounds like some fitting practice before hand is a good idea 👍

So can these be worn all day unlike a cockring?

teacake wrote:

So can these be worn all day unlike a cockring?

Yes. But maybe not in airports or lightning storms.