glass dildos what do you think

ive just pruchased my own and think they are the best thing yet! going to be adding to my collection OH even suggested puttin them on a shelf when not in use but i dont fancy explaining that one althought hey do look really nice how many off you own a glass dildo and what are the glass but plugs like anyone got 1 of them?

Glass Dildos are Fantastic, the one I have (Shiny orglassm) you could put on a shelf and no one would know what it really is

they would certainly make a feature in your bedroom and suppose any one did see them that wasnt supposed to you called always say they are a new collectors item or something or art work???

I really want a glass one, need to drop hints to my man then! Think he'd enjoy it too! I thought they were quite expensive but the one you wrote the review for xx...trouble...xx looks good and not too expensive so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed

@sweeter ill keep mine crossed for u2.
they have a 3for2 sale on at lovehoney at the moment theres quite a few glass ones in the sale heres the link! good luck!

i have just bought my 2nd glass dildo and OMG they are fab my friend tryed itout on me and the feeling u got is out of this world.