Glass dildos?

Anyone tried these?

We think they look amazing but wondered how they compare to the rubber and silicone types?


Quite simply....get one!

You will not regret it. They are great for use on both of you. They feel amazing when they are really cold. Lots of choice, but read the reviews they are normally pretty helpful.

Thanks! I think we may just invest, always thought they were just pretty things but I guess not!

they are obviously firmer than rubber and other materials, but they are nice

also they can be warmed as well as cooled

Definitely buy one! Try and pay close attention to what sort of texture you'll be getting and whether it's straight or curved. Different people will have varied tastes. I personally find the textured ones, like with bumps/dots, more of a hindrance. So the smooth curved one was my perfect first glass toy. I'd probably progress onto a more bulbous or wavy glass dildo and see if it agrees with my but I can vouch for it's amazing and sensual feeling. It's like having a wonderful inner massage!

Good luck and have fun!

fantastic,, they are harder obviously than others but can be warmed or cooled and soooo easy clean, I've got swirls and nobbles and love both but you can get smooth. I love my vibrating one it's great straight from the freezer. and they look soooo elegant xx

would you suggest a plug or beads?? - new to anal play.

I guess you also want it to be practical, so it stays where is should be during sex.

Many thanks for any advice!

I bought it for my gf for our anniversary... She says it is great.

I just bought one, going to try it out tonight, so we'll see !

Whoops double post !

Can't recommend them highly enough. I've got two currently, which can be used vaginally or anally. The cool sensation is just awesome. Definitely looking at getting another one or two.

I used mine in the bath earlier and it felt really good, very slippery though, I dropped it twice and it made the LOUDEST noise ever. So I'll probably use it cold next time ( and dry )

There fantastic ,look good, feel great, deffinately a good investment :)

They are amazing. I prefare it over the silcone and rubber because I hate the 'pinkness' or 'real life' of many of them! I bought a beautiful blue one from here that tbh looked like a piece of ar. It is quite heavy which makes it even more fun to use! My OH loved using it on me too. So fun for all!!

I've just ordered the double ended one with the bumps and swirls.

Will let you know how it is when it arrives ;)