Glass - HELP!!!

Ok I know there has been several threads on this already however its just a quick thread to get a few opinions and options down!

I have read the reviews on several glass dildo options and still can't come to a decision! I have never tried one before as I've explained before on a different thread that hard sex toys tend to hurt me more than pleasure however after all the hype - ive decided that I have enough OH! Points to buy one!

So ladies and guys if you have an opinion on it - what is the best glass dildo to buy for all round sexual fulfillment?

Thanks x

There's the one I have in my reviews.. It's not too big and not too small. It's just perfect. I think that would be most suitable for you..


I've got two glass dildos and I find them pretty satisfying. I prefer them to be warmed up first. I haven't found that they hurt at all. I was a bit dubious at first about them being glass but I really like them. They often come out of the toy box for a session at times! I've only ever used them in my pussy though....not worked up to glass in the associated yet. I've got a double ended on with different textures on and another with ridges on..... The one with the ridges on all the way down is my preferred one and would probably hurt you less

Glas sis such a personal thing as some people pick it for looks as well as feel as they are all so unique.

But my favorite glass dildo and not threatening if its your first, its filling because its wider and you have a handle to guide where you want it.

The glass tentacle

I also have the Iciles rose this is nice too but not everyone likes the shape, but I love it.

But a great starter one but it wasnt girthier enough for me personally is the gorgeous Icicles no 8 ribbed glas with the beautiul blue irridescance running through it.

I have had a few glass toys over the years but only two made the cut when it came for a massive toy box clear out, the two that made it are

the lovehoney smooth orgasmic glass dildo, i just love the smoothness of it and the fact its plain, sometimes you dont want something that has all the bells and whistles on it!

the last one is the pink dildo from the tracey cox set, its a lovely shape and the raised nubs feel fab against the clit esp when the glass isnt warmed up!

I would think that is a good starter glass dildo. Nicely smooth, not too wide. And curved for G spot stimulation. I havent written my own review on that one, I am sorry

Thanks ladies -

Lavelia - i had looked at that one but wasnt sure lol might now need to purchase it aswell


This one is good as a starter, my fiancee informs me:

I'm no help, never owned one, but aren't they pretty. Would be nice to have something aesthetically pleasing: am tempted!

Tomcatter wrote:

This one is good as a starter, my fiancee informs me:

This is one of the ones i got - so fingers crossed!

If you like that one, this one is also fab as a starter glass dildo, really beautiful looking and completely unintimidating.

My partner and I did a review of it, which you can see on the product page or on our blog (with lots of lovely pics) at:

It was my first glass dildo and I would full-heartedly recommend it.


I have this one and I love it. Not done temperature play yet but give me time.