glass toys

dose any one have any glass dildos?

Yes. Loads of us do. Some choose them for the feeling and temperature play, and others choose them as they're completely safe to use. I'm sure there are many other reasons too!

Do you have a specific question about them?

I have 2 now and love them. Started with Icicles 60 and then bought the girthier LH curved realistic glass dildo. Brilliant

will all so be my first time play so any top tips?

I have glass dildos and a really lovely glass butt plug. I like mine to have spent around an hour in the fridge before use :)

we have

Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo but could be used for anal?

would it be any good for anal play?

I have this set

and we often use the clear one for anal play, it looks similar to the one you have :)

both of you enjoy anal play?

nice set.:)

Most definitely ;) Hubby dosen't like glass though, he prefers something a bit more supple.

His favourite anal toy is this

I bought it for him as a surprise for xmas !

nice but iam not so keen on anal play with him as he is with me but he wished i did but that looks a great toy take it he likes?

seems to messy

Glass is the future, really beautiful and very verstile.

as i found out for my first time last night wow

charliemichelle wrote:

as i found out for my first time last night wow

Glad you've joined the glass lovers appreciation society !! lol

We tried a couple of glass dildo recently using the. Warm or cold really adds to the sensations. They really look sexy when we lay them out before a session, really add to the anticipation. We will definatly be expanding our collection soon.

might have to get morethan one lol

us to lol

Yes loads absoulty love them .

This iis my all time favourite & makes me squirt within seconds -

Then my man has treated me to the following these are all amazing -