Glass verses Metal

We would love your glass verses metal opinions Please.

We have this, I love it.

Is this metal one any different? Is it worth buying or will it just feel the same as the glass one?

Thank you very much.

Interested in people’s responses. I have a glass dildo that I love. I can’t think how a metal one could possibly be any better but I’m open to hearing that I’m wrong.


Interested too in the opinions of people who have any. I have the njoy pure Wand and the Icicles n°8 in my wishlists, but so far all I have is silicone.

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The major difference between glass and metal is weight. Metal toys tend to be heavier (excluding aluminium toys) and so are capable of firmer pressure on your relevant hot spot. It comes down to personal preference as to whether you like that or not.


The other fun thing with metal is temperature play. You can do the same to some extent with glass, but not as effective. Well stated earlier by @Calie, weight is going to be the massive difference per size.

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Yeah the main differences are weight and temperature.

I will typically always go to glass, however steel is a really good addition to have in your toy collection. I have the one above you’ve linked and thoroughly enjoy it from time to time, with weight being the main factor. There’s something about it :smirk:


I have both the steel and glass of this.

I love them both. The glass is bigger, the steel heavier.

It is very much personal preference. Both warm up when inside, but the steel is definitely colder initially than the glass.

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I think both deserve a place in the sex toy drawer! I love them both and reach for them depending on what I fancy - as others have said the main difference is the stainless steel is heavier which can apply more pressure. I tend to go for glass if I’m feeling a bit more sensual, and stainless steel if I want things a bit heavier. Because they are both firm/solid they both give that fullness feeling but I notice it in a slightly different way with the steel due to its weight :blush:


I’m sure this was discussed recently but I can’t find the thread…

Anyway, we have both glass and metal and both are fantastic for temperature play. Gently warming in a bowl of warm water, or letting sit in the fridge for a few minutes is enough to chill these down for some tingly sensations! Personally I prefer metal, as the added weight really enhances the pressure against my sensitive spots. But I can’t deny that glass pieces look pretty and I have them out on display as little sexy works of art.

I still somehow think steel is a safer option