Glory hole for wife

Hi. Found out today that my wife would quite like to wank and suck off some cocks in a glory hole. Where can we find some in South Wales Bristol area?

Have you tried google? Might be able to help more.

Yes but it's all a bit vague! And dated info. Quite a sexy idea though.

some swingers clubs/ fetish clubs have this sort of thing set up - so probably easier to look up clubs in your area

Not a bad idea. Wonder if anyone has used them here?

I always thought glory holes were a bit of a myth to be honest. I don't think using a public one would be safe I would definitely recommend finding a club for something like that :) x

for me glory holes have always been associated with the cottaging scene unless you prearranged to meet someone in a public convenience with a glory hole i don't think it's very safe hooking up with strangers

You are all speaking good advice. Just wanted the thrill of watching her. Seems like a lot of planning!

I'd like to watch too. Let me know when I'll be there. Sounds great.

Well we will have to let you know if we find one.

Swingers clubs are the safest way to go about it x

Have you done it purring pussy?

Where are you based?

UkHornycouple69 wrote:

Have you done it purring pussy?

I have indeed

And what's it like purring pussy? Hey ink and kink. We are South Wales. Nearer to Bristol. You?

It's ok, I prefer to watch my sub than take part.

See if that is useful?

I will take a look. Thanks ink and kink.