Glory Holes for women

Which website?

I googled ‘glory holes for women’ selected ‘videos’ and switched ‘safe search’ off. Loads of clips.

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I think it would be extremely sexy whichever side of the wall you were on

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I find all the possibilities quite erotic . I can see me adding a bunch of fantasies to my list . Me being orally serviced , me licking and penetrating many pussies . Another where I am bent over for pegging or cocks . As long as at it , maybe try giving blow jobs . All without ever seeing whom the owner of all the fun parts are . Odd that I had never brought these to my fantasies before . Thanks for the “input” .

There is a swingers club in West Bromwich UK which has both male and female glory holes in different areas of the club. The female ones allow the bottom part of the body to be displayed while the upper part is hidden and there are restraints to hold legs in place. They are much like the Chech glory hole mentioned except that on the inside it’s just one area so the women can see each others top halves.


Omg I’m going! Where is it? Do a line of men just do at they want? @Brian_Lisa

Not sure you can post web site links but if you Google ‘ west bromich swingers club’ it should be the top hit. It’s downstairs (past the jacuzzi and locker) but the door guys will give you the tour if you’ve never been. I think there are 3 holes but when we went only two were in use. Guys were kind of queuing/taking it in turns. The husband/partners were sat watching I guess to ensure that nothing happened that shouldn’t. We didn’t stay long to watch to be honest. My partner likes to chat and get to know people when playing together, she would never just play randomly with someone so this wasn’t her thing and we just moved on to other rooms

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I’ll have a look. Can you play in the hot tub too? Were the glory holes the legs up or down type? Thank you!

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The club is pretty relaxed and people were playing everywhere. The only restrictions that I know of were some rooms downstairs which are restricted to couples ie you need to enter the area with a partner or as a single female, solo guys (on nights that allow solo guys) are not allowed but there are many areas that allow open play, beds in the cinema area, dark room and even a fake dogging area with car bonnets and benches. Some guys got a bit carried away on the dance floor with women that clearly didn’t want the attention and the doormen stepped in but basically any consensual play anywhere was allowed on our visit

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Thanks again. I found the website. It looks a bit run down, is it? Was it busy? So people play safe or bare? I see it’s hotel too so that’s convenient!

I get the feelings they’re more popular the way they’ve worked so far. But as a woman I’d love to try one in a group of people I knew who were all also consensually involved.

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I have to admit the thing that really gets me going is the not knowing who is doing what to you. But, like you, I’d like it to be people I knew and not random strangers. One day, I’ll try it…

Would love to try some like this