going down..

Want some advise to just let go and enjoy him going down on me ... his only done it a few times since we've been together, I just either refuse or when he does I get a intense feeling almost overwhelming, I really want to enjoy it

Just relax. Enjoy it. If your paranoid about smell and not feeling clean, have a shOwer before hand or shower together? Let him massage you to let you fully relax. Would this help?

Being freshly washed, using flavoured lube and wearing a blindfold broke down the barrier for me and let me relax and enjoy the sensations properly and now I'm used to it and really enjoy it I don't need to wear the blindfold anymore :)

My wife has a "it looks ugly why would you want to do that?" but I and probably most guys are only too happy to do so , so just let them I bit guidance may be required as in where/what feels good? Relax and enjoy.

that intense almost overwhelming feeling is a good thing, hes doing something right. out of curiosity have you ever orgasmed before? All i can suggest is either letting him gently restrain you if you are comfortable with this of course and/or have something you can bite

My advice is addressed to him. I am sure you can talk and ask him so I'll still give it to you.

I did not like it in the past when he was going down on me because I was really self conscious. I was afraid I might smell, or taste bad, or that he didn't enjoy himself. I 've always told him that, and the problem just solved by itself as he started showing more and more interest in it. He shows so much enthousiasm that I know he LOVES going down on me. He always tells me he loves my taste (yours will love yours too, I'm sure). He goes down on me everytime he has the occasion, and looks so turned on when he does, that I can't have no doubt. He also does it when he is turn on, without wanting anything in return, he really enjoys it. Knowing that, I could relax into it more and more to finally have absolutely no fear. Now I even let him go down on me when I have not had a shower in a day!

Ask him to show you how much he likes it and maybe, if self consciousness is your issue, let yourself go into it.

Don't worry you aren't on your own, lots of us have felt or still feel self concious about it. It may never be top of your to do list. Every girl is different and like different techniques down there. It's all about guiding your partner when it feels good and making the right noises๐Ÿ˜Š another good way to learn together is mutual masturbation if you feel comfortable enough as this is a great visual learning aid for both of you, to find out what each of you like (speed, direction etc) it's also very enjoyable. Have fun discovering each other.

Thank you all for your replys,

Its not him at all he definitely does it for me n as soon as I ask for something else orin definitely way he delivers :)

I know im clean n we have even showered together on few occasions :P

Rochelle yh ive orgasmed... regularly with him too.

I just can't seem to stand the intensity of it, n relax...

Hmmmmm, how about mixing it up a bit. Tie up, blindfold, lots of passion touching and warming up. Toys, penetration and maybe switch it up midway and get down then?

With you not knowing if and when he's going down would that increase the pleasure and allow you to relax if it's unexpected and more spontaneous as opposed to being anticipated or expected?

sassykitten;) wrote:

I just can't seem to stand the intensity of it, n relax...

Maybe he is doing it wrong? I love oral sex but find it can be painful when not done correctly. Try asking him to lower the pressure, or to stimulate around your clit rather than directly on it, etc. Maybe some positions can reduce the contact too, like when your legs are closed etc.

I love it when we 69 and she squirts on me. I love swallowing her and licking away.

Flavoured lubs are great and especially a clean fanjita. though i have give oral to her when not washed through the day, but clean is far better. strawberry lube.

Perhaps you just need to learn how to relax a bit more. If your slightly tense you won't enjoy it as much.

I know when my Mrs wants me to go down on her as she sprays some Chanel down there. She doesn't have to say anything.

I think maybe just slow it all down a bit try and communicate a bit more tell him how you want it lighter harder where you want it that sort of thing my wife can get very sensitive down there and after a while can't continue because it's too much we then just change what we are doing for a bit then it calms down and can usually go back to it .. It is an intense place sometimes so just telling him puts you back in control a bit sorry if all irrelevant just an opinion

sounds like you just need to relax and enjoy the sensation and if you have to guide him and most of all enjoy the experiance :)

sexyseeker wrote:

I love it when we 69 and she squirts on me. I love swallowing her and licking away.

+1 for this. ๐Ÿ˜

Relax, enjoy the moment.

If it gets intense, direct him to a different part until the feelings subside and then let him return.

Thank you all for your replys he is fab its my relaxing issues that causes the issue

sassykitten;) wrote:

Thank you all for your replys he is fab its my relaxing issues that causes the issue

It would help if you knew what was causing the relaxing issues.

May sound silly, but perhaps that intense feeling is him licking your clit too directly?

I had a partner in the past who didn't have a clue and it was uncomfortable as the intensity just didn't feel good. Suggest he keeps his tongue soft instead of tense and perhaps licks around your clit as opposed to directly on it?