Going to move out of my parent's house... What sex toy would you take advantage of buying?

Hi! Well, as the title says, I'm going to move out my parent's house soon and I'm really looking forward to not having to masturbate under my bed covers once a week anymore :/

So, taking advantage of not having to stuff my face in my pillow when I orgasm, to muffle my screams/groans, what sex toy do you think I should buy with knowing that I'm not going to be interrupted and can make as much noise as I want? :) I'm open for anything, as you'll see if you look at my wishlists.

So guys, what would you buy if you were getting your own privacy at last? :) Thanks for reading if you're still with me!

As much noise as you want? Get yourself a wand if you can.

Both myself and my other half couldn't recommend them more. I can orgasm from the vibrations alone and she used one to squirt* for the first time, they are quite astonishing.

*We don't have a better word for that? Really?

Good luck in your new place

A rabbit, a bullet, or both!

A wand for sure!

Thanks guys, I've heard a lot of people hear raving about how great the wands are! I've heard they're sometimes a bit loud, and I have one in my wishlist. What one(s) would you reccommend?

I've got loads of bullets already, but have never owned a rabbit, so I might go for one of those too. And a proper anal toy, not just a little butt plug.

So, any ideas on which wand I should buy for the hardest orgasm?

We have this one:

Although it is out of stock, perhaps because Lovehoney now have their own branded versions...

And this one:

Sadly now discontinued.

Both are amazing.

The reviews for each wand will offer great insight and may even feature a comparison or two from members that have several different models.

Ahh - that is such a fantastic thing to be moving out! I love living with just Alex now, finally means I don't have to worry about the noise at all (apart from maybe for our neighbours on a particularly noisy night I guess!).

I would love a wand... it's on my wishlist too. Rabbits are quite good fun, but I usually prefer using a separate dildo and vibe - that way you can get the best of both and not have to compromise!

Would reccomend anything from the Tantus range for use anally.... Alex and I did a review on Tantus Silk Large today on our sex toy review blog:



The Bodywand has 32 reviews and an overall rating of five stars! :D WOW! I'll definately be saving up for a magic wand Satoshi, not sure which one though :)

Lucy, the tantus silk sounds amazing, I'd love to get some anal beads so the feeling of the tantus (as Alex says) would feel great. I only buy toys from LH though, but I will look out for something similar.

I'm really looking forward to getting a wand, and my own place. Then I can keep my toys near, instead of hidden under the bed :)

They do sell Tantus Silk on LH, sorry I should have put the link too:



I have this one http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22095 lovehoney mains powered magic wand

I live in a shared student halls flat and you can't hear it out of the paper thin walls so it should be fine for more or less anyone.

the cable is a metre long but extension plugs are cheap enough if you need to buy one.

it is very powerful and easy to use. There's also acessories available for it.

it's also fairly cheap

Thanks for the link to the Tantus Silk Lucy and Alex, that's definately going in my wishlist! I didn't realise it was a LH product!

Sweetlove666, thanks for the info about the LH wand, that one has been in my wishlist for a long time, and it's great that you say it's quite quiet, as most wands are really loud.

Thanks for the help guys, post some more ideas if you find any other one-in-a-million toys! :)

Congratulations on moving out!! I'm looking forward to moving out of my parents' house (again - I'm like a yoyo since uni), and get somewhere with my man.

I'm thinking this might be something we get to celebrate having privacy ...


But it depends what you're into... Have fun with whatever you choose!!