good for couples?!?

Hey all im new here. im used to having a vibe on my own but recently my bf has said he'd like to play too... any tips?!?

Go for it- I never realised how much of a turn on its is for a guy to watch you with a vibe. I've now got a selection that I use for the bloke and it gets him going every time.

If you're shy, start with something very basic then work your way up to the ridiculously kinky stuff.

I always find it makes me feel amazingly body confident having my boyfriend watching me (put it this way, I assumed I'd be mortified sticking a butt plagged ass in his face- so not, it's a fantastic turn on for us both).

Men love the idea of girls masturbating full stop. Its plastered around in modern culture tht women are pretty and innocent and dont enjoy sex and men are depraved perverts. This simply isnt true and when we find out/watch girls masturbate it lets us know that they also enjoy sex. Try using it on yourself during foreplay, let him do it for you. Go at your own pace but i promise you he will enjoy!

I agree with all the comments before.
I always find that I get turned on by seeing my girlfriend get turned on so watching her masturbate is allways a big thrill. It can work both ways too.

Just experiment with what you're comfotable with and if all goes well push the boudaries a little :)

Yes! Have fun! You might want to start with something non-threatening to him (not phallic).