graphene condoms...

One of the most intriguing approaches to building a better condom is to reinforce the latex that modern prophylactics are made from with graphene. This material, composed of atom-thick sheets of carbon, is one of the strongest known. Its thickness (or, rather, lack of it) and its strength make it an obvious starting point for something that is supposed to be permeable to pleasure, but not to anything else. (...) Dr Ragupathy, too, intends mixing the carbon sheets with latex to create a strong composite material. But he also proposes to adsorb chemicals such as spermicides, antiviral agents and even flavourings onto the graphene. Some of these are already used in condoms, but at the moment they have only the smooth surface of the latex to stick to. Add graphene, and that surface becomes much rougher (and its area much larger) at a microscopic level, meaning more chemicals can be retained on it.

Composites, or a Dreamliner in the bedroom ;)

It sounds painful tbh.

People insert hard, very high friction items made of monster-truck-tyre grade materials into all kinds of orifices, so a layer of graphene on top of this is not something they would likely notice...

And if you read the article in full, others are trying to develop a condom that automatically molds itself to your shape and others that simulate the feel of the inside of the vagina so the everyone feels more natural.

Something for the weekend, sir?

A vagina for the weekend?