Greek nudist beach

I posted this message yesterday but I can't open the thread and I get any error message, so will try again....

My gf and I are looking to book a holiday this summer to one of the Greek islands and want to try going to a nudist beach.

Has anyone every been to one in Greece and can therefore recommend one? Or anyone just happen to know of any?


Hi, I'd recommend:

Paradise beach in Thassos (island)

Kavourotripes beach in Platanitsi (Halkidiki - not an island)

& Poseidi (Halkidiki - not an island)

But, Kimolos is an island where nudism is permitted on every beach

got too go there

Hi, the island of Skiathos has a nudist beach. Its a very small island approx 10 miles long and the beach is called Banana Beach at one end of the island just outside the resort of Koukounaris. Not hard to find as its the last bus stop on the place. My wife and i used to go every year until ill health stopped us going. Very, very quiet and peaceful island, ideal if thats what your looking for. Not lively if your looking for a nightlife that bouncing.

I've been to the one on Thassos beautiful, and a lovely island as well although quite a long trip The airport is on the mainland and you cross over on the ferry. The hotel bar stayed open till we got there and a bottle of Amstel never looked so good.

The one on Skiathos is good as well though difficult to get to on foot, much easier by boat. there are night clubs but they are all tucked away in the same end of Skiathos town near the airport