Guys Shaved or Natural

Do guys prefer to be shaved of all or some of their body hair or go it natural


Prefer being trimmed all over. Have tried being fully shaven downstairs and liked it to start with but found it to be really itchy and irritating as it started to grow back so it needs to be kept on top of

Alternate between both, usual remove it all if the OH has done the same, like the skin on skin feeling during PIV sex.

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I like my partner natural but groomed to keep his pubic hair tidy.

I like to groom my hair so it’s neat but recently with the colder months and lack of motivation I’ve just let it all grow wild


I prefer being trimmed on my chest but shave downstairs. Ive tried shaving all over but its to itchy on my chest.


Shaven, I love the feeling of shaving and leaving it all smooth, really not a big fan of hair.

Love the hair on my head long and trimmed beard/moustache but shave armpits and pubes

I trim my stomach and pubes really short, shave the noots and everything underneath and all the way up behind as I’ve found I really like how I feel with it all smooth and it encourages my wife to reach back there every so often. I did try shaving my chest for a little while but it was just way too itchy and irritated even if I liked how it looked and felt clean shaven.

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Purely from a selfish point of view I wish hubby would shave. It’s not fun fishing pubes from the back of your throat


I don’t mind the privates, I can shave them clean or leave them it’s up to the wife. SHe likes them shortish and neat, not overgrown but not bald.

Hair / beard I let go for a while and then neaten up every few weeks. I am lucky I can grow an awesome / huge beard very fast so I can pretty much try any style I want with a couple of weeks growth. I’ve gone really over the top and manicured fo fancy dress parties (not the mucky kind) to full on captain birds eye. If I go bald for a bit of facesitting action I can have a nice beard back in well under a week.

I hate body hair (anywhere on me). Always have, since it traps heat so much and I’m ALWAYS hot.

And pubic/underarm hair on the women I’m with.

I’m a bit of a cunnilingus “fan,” and nothing is worse than that hair in the back of your throat.

I’m not a hypocrite so I’ve always made sure they didn’t have to deal with that from me.

I’ve never had a woman complain about it.

I full body epilate/rarely shave (since it’s counterproductive with epilation), but do find epilation to be both way less itchy but more time consuming. Depilatory creams, (Nair etc, are a good alternative for all but mucosal membraneous areas).

If shaving is causing irritation a good exfoliating cloth/glove helps a lot.

And if you are like me, (fair haired and fair skinned), electrolysis is much more effective at removing light hair/bellus hair on “glow in the dark white skin,” than Laser is. Same is true of very dark complected dark haired individuals. (My GF is black and we’ve both had the same issues with laser since it relies on contrast between the hair follicle and skin tone - abbreviated explanation obviously.)

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With hubby I love him having hair.

With his beard, I love to groom it. Washing it, the beard oils. And the products I use on him, smells absolutely amazing. I’m constantly smelling it :joy: and running my fingers through it.

His chest hair, it’s the perfect amount of hairy :joy: When we’re having a cuddle, I’m right in there smelling in his pheromones, and running my fingers through it.

His pubic area, I love it natural. When I’m down there giving him a blowjob, again taking his smell, smelling every bit of his pheromones. It’s easy to work around his pubes, so I don’t floss or find any at the back of my throat :joy:

I shave back sack and crack :joy: then trim up everything on top nice and short. Me nor my wife like the look of fully shaved i find it looks strange,but everything underneath the penis goes as someone else mentioned it feels nice and i like to try and entice the oh roumd thhe bsck every now and then

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Shaven pubic area as my OH loves me shaven

Smooth all over for this lady … I really don’t like body hair …. and that’s just on me xx

R xx

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Shaved pubes and very well trimmed armpits and chest. The rest au natural.

Shaved balls, penis & ass, trim everywhere else from time to time

Shaved ass, balls and penis but groomed neat tuft of hair is what we both like

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Mostly natural but trimmed downstairs :wink: