half-open-crotch male pants?

hi folks, I'm trying to find a type of underwear but can't seem to find it either with the search or in the item lists, the nearest I can find is this; http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=11618

however I'm after a pair that just shows the balls, does anyone know of such underwear?


Try these SG! I've had stuff from here.

SG69 (us SG's gotta stick together dude!)

What about these lace up ones and you just tie them around your balls?


Or maybe you could 'manipulate' your balls through on these depending on the size. Not sure if they're elasticated at the sack bit!


Doesn't look like there is much!

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Um there are these, but prob not quite the thing your looking for..


I've actually got a pair of these but I keep falling out the top and have to wear my trousers high like an old man or I get squashed :p

Thanks to the rest of you for suggestions, I might try the pair in my first post and just point myself to one side and not through the hole

Hmm some great links in this thread, might have to go shopping soon as I get paid again :D

Try asking Love Honey for their suggestions on their product request thread - Pander to me!