Hallelujah for Le Lynx!

I just got my Elemental Pleasures Le Lynx and I'm in *love*. It's beautiful, it's extremely well made and it feels amazing.

I actually ordered the single tip set since I normally go for the highest setting on any toy that crosses my path anyway and the high speed tip is the one it comes with, but I got the three tip set (low, medium and high) accidentally and Love Honey says I get to keep it, whoo hoo!

I don't think I've ever been so happy with a vibrator before. It's not as strong as the Wand (which didn't really do it for me, anyway - it just didn't feel right), but it's got a nice strong vibration and it's at a lower frequency than most vibrators I've tried so it feels amazing. Deep and thrumming instead of high pitched and buzzing.

I've had vibrators that I love before, but I've never loved any of them (not even my Sinnflut which is awesome) as much as I do this one.

It's expensive (very expensive, actually, for a vibrator), but I can honestly say its worth every penny. No buyer's remorse here. :)

I *would* love to know how the aluminum version (Le Tigre or Le Panthere) stacks up against Le Lynx since it's supposed to transfer vibrations more effectively than titanium, but I'm not insane enough to actually buy one to find out.

Makes me wonder if there's anyone out there (aside from the manufacturers) who's tried both versions and could give a comparison. :)