Hands-Free Cum Through Prostate Massage

Ive bought several toys in the past for a bit of anal fun, dildo's, vibrators and prostate massagers, but to be honest, ive been disappointed with all of them. I was hoping through massaging my prostate, i might manage to cum, hands free, but have never got close to ejaculation. I am relaxed at the time, i do lube up, but other than a few nice feelings occasionally i get nowhere. Can anyone recommend a toy that they have honestly been able to use and cum hands free. I have even used the aneros, but that was totally useless,and done nothing for me at all. I do not rush to try to reach orgasm, i have often tried to stimulate my prosate for 1-2 hrs. I eventually have to masturbate to get myself off, and although the orgasm feels much better, i just cant get over the disappointment of not being able to cum just through prosate massage.

I have tried too, i get plenty of precum, but never even close to cum!

I've used aneros prostate massagers before and didn't manage to cum hands-free but it definitely made my orgasms stronger.

The closest i've come to a "hands-free" orgasm was using the G-vibe. But its not really hands-free since I had to use the handle to get just the right angle and thrust. But I'd say that was the first toy to make me orgasm just from prostate stimulation alone!

The orgasm from anal stimulation does not feel the same as an orgasm from penis stimulation. The first time it happened to me I didn’t really know what it was. After a couple more times I kinda clued in that it was the anal orgasm. It truly has nothing to do with your penis, doesn’t even need to be hard.

After years of trying I finally did it last night I started out did a enema then working my dildo and they working my G spot dildo I finally experienced a prostate orgasum I also seemed to pee during the orgasum I think this is all part of it but t yes it was great

Don’t bother with the really expensive prostate toys I have found that a good g spot dildo or rabbit does the job for me something like this


Or this

And just relaxe and when you get the urge to push just go with it and you find the feeling like no other orgasum

Good luck

I have experienced this with large beads like this:


With some tantric focusing and relaxing into it as said it is a different orgasm, gets better with practice.

As a fellow seeker of the prostate orgasm I have to say its a case of perseverance. Looks like you are putting in the time but expecting results. i found the best I've gotten are tingles but then maybe my focus gets diverted wanting to get the super 'O'.

I'd say read around the area see whether there's something others are doing and keep on trying!

I've been using a tracey Cox supersex massager the last month. I must be honest I'm addictive. Im sure I'm close to cumming hands free. I get a lot of precum . I use it for an hour or two regularly and I use a tingle lube which blows me away quite honestly.

I must confess , I wear a pair of sexy panties to keep it in tight. I found it slips out a lot at inconvenient times which is useless so I wear a pair of panties. Doubles up to make me horni and keeps the massager exactly where it's supposed to be.
Works amazingly well :)

After years of trying for a hands-free orgasm, I finally achieved it with this:


It basically feels like a finger rubbing your prostate and my orgasm lasted a minute and forty seconds! It might be expensive, but boy, is it worth it!

I have never managed to cum handsfree from prostate toys but have managed it when my wife uses her finger. I feel like I am getting really close with toys (like I need to pee but then nothing happens. I have also cum handsfree from having my penis nettled but that's a story for another day!

My OH has managed with plenty of lube and a urethral probe, gets deep down to your prostate if done slowly and some practice x

Have tried but never really been successful with completely hands free unfortunately. But would love to experience it.

Never had a hands free from the penis, but the orgasms from the
prostate vib have been amazing! Totally different feeling, and more
intense than a regular orgasm. So far, this is my favorite: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33966

I've tried, but failed miserably. Actually get very little sensation from the prostate (might be an age thing, I'm 55). Keep having a go every now an then. Find vibrating toys just seem to irritate me down there. Part of the problem seems to be that I don't really know what I am doing :(

I've experienced anal orgasm many times and there is not really a toy in particular, I can reach this either with a deep penetration feeling or a strectchy ones relying on girth. I've never tried vibrations, I'm quite curious about this but also afraid it would be distracting or numbing. I just think sex has to be done with brain first and this is the most important part to stimulate, as long as prostate and (very important for me ) perineum. If your muscles down there are well trained for sure it helps.