Hanging sexy underwear out on the line?

Does everyone else hang out their sexy underwear on the line in the garden? Mrs uk had her sexy red pearl knickers and sexy stockings on the line the other day for all to see None of the neighbours ever seem to hand out undies?

My wife always hangs them out on our line. But, one of our previous neighbours (now recently moved away) never used to !! Kids & her fellas yes,. but never hers, unless she was always Commando ??

I hang mine out and I don’t care who sees.

I haven’t got a washing line and I don’t put my stuff in the dryer - I just hang anything sexier than cotton knickers over a radiator.

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Always hang mine out so what if neighbours see them.

Yep always hang all my saucy lingerie out too...dont care if the neighbours see ...give them something to talk about!

I just tumble dry if it's able, if not, i just hang it indoors. I'm a little too private for that ![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif)

Yes. Always hang all mine out. Neighbors say nothing . I'm sure they don't mind xx

I don't have a clothesline, so I hang my delicate underwear indoors. When I lived in one of my previous apartments, I'd regularly hang them out. Never heard any comments - nor complaints!

I hang everything on the line, sexy lingerie, role play outfits and bondage gear, hardly anything is able to go in the tumble dryer and it just dries a lot quicker outside. If a neighbour said anything I’d recommend LoveHoney to them!

Hang my male lacy G strings and all other types from all family members out on the line, if they(neighbours) want to look fine.

Over here in the States , especially the suburbs people generally do not have clothes lines anymore . The politically correct (Anal , and not in a good way ) would probably pop a gasket . I could even see law enforcement involved . Many places over here , if a male urinates in public , he is charged and listed as a pervert . I have not even thought about a clothes line since the mid 80s .

I hang out mine

My oh always tumble dries our undies. I hand them outside. I do wonder if the neighbours can tell the difference between her knickers and mine, apart from the fact that my boxers aren't on the line.

I hang them out no problem, including my boyfriends thongs. A couple of my friends have seen when they visited and asked about them.

I recall at our first house when we were in our early 20s . Our Male neighbour got my washing in for me as I was out and it started raining. I had my stockings on the line also some Lacey underwear and some crotchless panties. I was embarrassed but he was just cheery and smiled each time he saw me lol.


I don't care - it all goes out. Never had any complaints, although I'm sure the nosey neighbours at our last place had a good look.

I used to be worried when I put my sexies on the line but he did the wash the other month and put some of them on the line including my frenchies and black basque.........doesnt really bother me now haha.

Use tumble dryer.