Happy Rabbit 2 - advice needed please ...

HI all

totally new to this forum but Im on the brink of returning my new purchase and Id soooo appreciate any advice and/or thoughts on my Happy Rabbit

I love the material (silicone), the colour, the size, shape and usb recharging BUT the vibrations on the ears, even at the lowest setting, is unbearable - there is no pleasure in it at all and I really like clitoral stimulation but its so intense that its just making me numb after 30 seconds and so no fun at all. In fact, totally defeating the object.

I have gone from being so excited I was literally waiting behind the fromt door for the postman to not even wanting to try it again...

Help please!!! From all the 5* reviews it gets I MUST be doing something wrong....

Thank you xxxxx


Unfortunately, not all sex toys work the same for everybody. Our bodies all respond to stimulation differently and some of us are more sensitive than others. It doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. If your clitoris is extra sensitive and the first setting is numbing to you, then it's likely that the rabbit is just too powerful for you at the moment.

Have you used clitoral vibrators before with success? X


is this your first ever toy ? If so then you might not be used to such vibrations...

Definitely don't return it just yet, you might have to just build up to it :) 

my first toy is very tame compared to my now fave mains powered wand 🙈

Hi Zujaira!

Sometimes, a toy might just not suit you - no matter the reviews! Everyone is different - different feelings, sensitivities, etc.

Don't forget that Lovehoney have a great returns policy, so if you do decide that your Happy Rabbit really isn't for you, go ahead and return it for a full refund, and choose again: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/returns-policy/

Also, to help you choose in future, we have some great buyers guides available here: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/vibrators/buyers-guide/

Our customer care team will also be happy to run out into our warehouse and pick up items to test vibration strength for you, if you go to them with a product in mind!

Hope this helps!

It may not do much but putting lube on your clitoris might make things a bit more comfortable. From how you are speaking however I feel that this may not be enough to make you enjoy it.

It may just mean that you like internal vibes better than external ones. When I tried the happy rabbit, for me it was the opposite. I find the internal vibrations to be too powerfull, but like the external ones. See, everybody is different.

Try a new positioning of the ears , I had issues with this too I wasn't getting much from it at first just like you but I challenged my rabbit and found that lubricating the ears and clitoris a lot made the ride smoother and then tried different positioning of the ears try to get it so that you are pressing the ears down onto it it this will minimise the flapping nature of the ears and make it a softer vibration flow , or maybe an angle of the rabbits arm being the clitoral stimulation instead of the ears , just try as many possible angles you can until you find the one that hits the spot for you! I hope this helps I love my rabbit now I've found an angle that minimises the flapping xx

you guys are amazing ..... its not my first vibrator but first toy with such direct clitoral stimulation yes I think I have a hyper-sensitive clitoris, which to be is honest is amazing 99.9999999% of the time but maybe the rabbit is too powerful for me as suggested. I switched it on and thought 'oh gawd - no thanks' and just put it away virtually untouched.

I do feel encouraged though so thanks a lot and Ill give the lube a try not return my toy just yet


You are not doing anything wrong... not all toys are the same for everyone. If you like the internal stimualtion but need to lessen the intensity of your clit you may also consider using this toy with crotchless knickers or placing a bit of fabric barrier between the ears and your clit to see if that makes it pleasurable.

I have the rabbit from the LH desire range and I find the ears on mine too intense when I first start playing, especially when on the constant setting. Nothing pleasant about it!!
I have found though, once I have warmed up a little that I can handle it and in fact love the intensity. I particular like patterns.
Try to have a play, different angles, patterns and leave the clit til later.

Have fun!

I had to give up in the end - my OH thought it was much too powerful (for me) and I returned it virtually unused..

Thanks for all the advice guys xx

SquirtyPanda wrote:


is this your first ever toy ? If so then you might not be used to such vibrations...

Definitely don't return it just yet, you might have to just build up to it :)

my first toy is very tame compared to my now fave mains powered wand 🙈

totally agreeeeeeeeee....