has any one seen my mojo....? :(

After being labelled a nympho my every man iv ever been with, demanding sex at least once a day, as well as testing my toys out daily, iv lost my sex drive!!!!!

No amount of kissing, stroking, fonderlling etc is helping :( used a bit of lube to try and get things started but then it took me ages to orgasm and i spent the whole time not really feeling that in to it! i know evryone has ups and downs but this is not me! i have no doubt itl come back at some point but why is this happening? im not under any stress at all, im not overly tired, in fact im happier than ever at the moment as he OH proposed and moved in 'officially'!

im sexually frustrated but cant get in the right frame of mind!!! my body is just not responding any one got any ideas? or tips to get me back?? xxxxxx

it has dipped a bit before but its completly gone altogether atm! its like iv just gone numb! grrrrr!

Hi MissO,

How long have you been feeling like this for? Has anything changed in your day to day goings on recently?


2weeks maybe? nothing has changed that i can think of im not particulary worried, i know it will come back its just so flaming annoying!!! the OH's got man flu atm though so maybe i subconciously feel sorry for him haha xx

Its perfactly normal i think to have times when sex is just not at the forefront of your mind. with me it can go off for a bit and come back just as sudden. The more you worry about it, the more likely it is to become a problem.

Hope ya mojo comes back soon hun xxx

ITS BACK!!!!!!!! thanks guys ha xx

Woohoo, im glad it back hun :)

Glad its back! I would like mine back now pleae :-(

The TC bullet always seems to get a good write up, as does the RO-120mm bullet.

I've not tried either of them though.

I can recommend Cal Exotics too, they have a few decent vibes.

If your looking for something to get you in the mood, try focusing on gentle, building up or stimulation rather than sudden power. Try a vibe with lots of functions that you can work your way through.

Also, look for vibes that could be used as a body massager too so you can work your way from sexy massage, to horny sex.

As AA says, everyone has their own preferences so it's just about reading LOTS of reviews to see what suits you! Oh and remember, reviews are automatically ordered from best to worst so read some at the back and the front to get a fair view.