Has anyone had a good experience with a foursome?

I've recently had a threesome and we really enjoyed it! We will be seeing the girl again after New Year, but I'm kind of getting into the idea of a foursome, but my guy isn't too into the idea. Has anyone had any success with them?

Double post, sorry!

Yes, we have been doing foursomes regularly since we got together 15 years ago. Made some good friends we frequently play with, as well as having foursomes with people we've neve seen again (mostly in clubs). It's become a regular part of our iives, fun but not an obsession.

The big hurdle to overcome is watching your OH having sex with someone else. Some people can't handle that, fortunately we both like the sight. Another hurdle is having sex with others watching. but as you've had a threesome you'll no doubt have done both of these. Suggest a club is a good place to have your first, we only invited people to our home when we'd got to know them in a club.