Has your chastity cage lock ever seized?

This has worried me for a while . We did have a cage , but never actually snapped the lock shut , just in case it broke .
Has this ever happened to anybody, and , if so , what did you do ?

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There are two different types. There are ones that have a locking pin that slides in and is usually covered in silicon lub and there is the other that is a padlock that is easy to cut off. No issues with either.

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Never had that problem in 4 years of constant chastity.

I did check though, with every cage I used, that I could work my way out of it in an emergency even when locked.


@rockstar has the cage ever become so uncomfortable you just needed to get it off for a bit? I find I can wear one full time under loose clothes but something like denim jeans at work just doesn’t work but that is the same with large ball weights as well. It’s just too confined and/or compressed.,

@be3169 . We never used it much. I nevef wore it all day . My wife says she’d consider giving it another go… “one day” !!!

Fair enough. I would be really interested in my partner controlling my sexual activity like that but she is just not there these days. Limited to self play and self restraint which is ok but not the same.

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Occasionally, as you’re dealing with something that regularly changes size and shape, something would get trapped or chaffed so we always had an emergency key so that i could remove or adjust the cage.
Once i got the correct cage though i rarely needed to remove it.

During Locktober i could wear the cage 24/7 for the whole month.

Does the design make that much of a difference? I have also been leary about the ones that use a small padlock. Seems clunky and bulky to me but haven’t tried either.

What is this device you are talking about and why would you ever want it i thought we ate all horny and not meant to be caged

Oh wow. There is a lot to explain here but there are many discussions already on chastity. @rockstar may explain it better but it’s not about getting it on as much as giving ownership to a trusted partner. Say we were partners. You will not have an orgasm unless you ask permission and I approve. The chastity device just ensures that happens because my partner has the keys. That is the short form but I hope it makes sense.

I couldn’t cope we have the fifty shades leg and arm restraints it’s to much when I wanna cum I’m gunna cum

You go girl. Everyone has their own kink and interest and that is part of exploring sexuality. Accept your own interests. Don’t be judgmental of other interests. It’s all good.

Aww I’m not judgmental at all and to be honest I have a really good sex life but it gets not boring but predictable I would love something new I’m up for anything a couple can do no sharing

And a woman can have multiple orgasms so I don’t see why you would withhold them the more the better leg shaking all over body orgasms shouldn’t be denied

Fully understand what you are saying but there are others that like to give up that control to their partner. No shortage of other kinks to try out if that’s not your thing. Oh my goodness… anal, cross dressing, sounds, pee play, spanking, bondage, nudist, swingers, photos/videos, sensation play, etc…

I love anal love dressing up I’ve just recently started squirting don’t think I’m into cross dressing I would love to try rimming my partner but he’s not into it at all I would love to massage his prostrate gland

I still would like to know what this is

What is the cage ???

Go crazy… LOL


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