Have you ever been too loud?

Hello all, we're going to a concert later in the month and staying over as it's too late to get back home afterwards. My only worry is my OH has booked us into a really cheap hotel, and I fancied a bit of fun while away...have you ever made too much noise while in the throes of passion and has complaints? I think I'd be mortified if someone banged all the walls while we were banging away lol

Hahahahaahh this makes me chuckle as when staying at a hotel with OH next minute we heard a knock at the door as a warning to shhh I bursted out laughing it was funny just relax x

I can be too loud but I dont care ha

Who cares about noise?! Let them be jealous!!

Or.... we sell gags? ;)

Are we freaks we are almost silent during sex unless its anal then I scream lol

According to my teenage son, yes!

yeh, stayed at a hotel with the ex and next morning the cleaners were in doing their thing and someone walked past in the hall and said to one of the cleaning ladies "They were shagging all fecking night" oops :S

Lol, that's quite funny HH and Fluffbags! I'd say I'm not load enough, although OH has told me shut it a few times :D

Might've been. Just the people in the other rooms were too drunk to notice.

Haha I agree with Jess' comment: Let them be jealous!

I was at my old apartment with really thin walls and my ex and I were at it all night and I was pretty loud. Then the next day I ran into my neighbour next door and he winked at me and gave me looks which was a little creepy :S

Always! especially when the OH travels down to stay with me for a few days, i live in a flat share so my housemates often let me know!

If I have headphones on as I don't realise the volume

I stayed in a hotel with my OH along with work colleagues and their partners following a wedding and a week later a work mate said that his wife had complained to him that he didn't make her scream like that as they passed our room whilst we were at the height of action. We became the talk of the company and proud of it.

My neighbour did mention somthing once, was embarrasing but i blame it on the thin walls. And more recently at a cheap hotel we were staying at that had the most ridiculous headboard that kept banging against the wall (had to put a pillow behind it in the end because it was annoying us more than anything).

Doesn't really bother me if people hear to be honest, too busy enjoying myself, but would feel bad if we were keeping people awake cos i know how annoying that is of course i don't think about that at the time.

A friends bathroom window wasnt quite as opaque as he thought, the neighbours kids saw quite a lot of shower sex before their parents complained....

Lovehoney - Jess wrote:

Who cares about noise?! Let them be jealous!!

Or.... we sell gags? ;)

Very good plan! :)

Thank you for some very good and funny replies. I'll let you know if the OH can make me get some complaints after we've been lol.

When at university comments were always being made about how loud I was by my ex's flatmates. One even put it in a status on facebook and tagged us both in it. No ones ever complained about it though, just commented and had a bit of fun with it.

Never happened to me... I am quite silent and I have never had a noisy partner

We both used to make great efforts to be quiet when young (her at uni and him in a shared flat) but don't bother now. We're certainly not as noisy as her sister who screams the place down whenever she stays here with one of her boyfriends.

LOL! My neighbour disguised it as the next door neighbour watching some loud erotic films. Whoops :s