Have you ever had sex with a fruit?

Melon? Watermelon? Bag of crushed grapes? What would you recommend?

Apart from the obvious Banana, Courgette, Carrot idea's I can imagine a leek with its hairy end could be fun or a large slice of melon would be nice and juicy, ooohhh the possibilities are endless....

plum's a good one pear.

EEEWWW leak... CAN I just say... On any fruit or veg that has entered me I have put a jonny on it .... YOU cant jonny up a leak very easy or a plum... what the hell did you do with the plum...
Jack Honrny sat in the corner eating his plum pie..
He suck up his thumb right in his bum ,
HE pulled out a plum,
And said Oh what a good man am I.
You see... you tell me plums and my mind boggles :S

Some of you might just want to cast an envious glance or two in the direction of the vegetable rack when you are next in your local supermarket. There sandwiched between the long greeny things that look like big cocks, and the peppers, you may just find the erotically shaped Butternut Squash.... da da !!!! With built in flange to prevent it disappearing inside, and a smooth shiny exterior that takes lube well, all that remains to be done is trim off the top stalk remnant..... lube up and away you go !!! Always an interesting conversation piece as well at the checkout when they ask you how you cook them.... a nod and a wink usually suffices !!! Haven't tried cooking it after sticking it up my ass, but may get round to buying one to eat someday....
With the supermarkets vying with each other to bring in strange and unusual vegetables, then something even better may be just around the corner.. happy foraging campers. xxxx

Yes l know it's a vegetable and not a fruit, but it just seemed so fit for purpose. Thanks.

hmmmm looks at B/Fs fist looks at Wench's fist looks at Butternut Squash...*polishes halo n giggles*

not personally its not my scene for some reason or another

My man likes to please me with grapes... I like it too.

Banana's all the way!

for all you guys, I saw this and thought of you!!!! check my profile. hahahahahahaa

I've heard a few horror stories about people having sex with fruit.

A young man, having seen American Pie thought he'd try and masturbate with a melon. He made a hole in the melon and inserted his member, but found it a touch cold.
So he thought I'll put it in the microwave. Turns it on for a while, feels the melon, and it's still cold to the touch, puts it back in, and this time it feels warm.

Sticks his cock inside and literally almost melts it.
The inside is superheated from the microwave from all the water it contains.

how about a split doughnut with the cream in the middle,what i like to do is remove the cream & put my partners lunchbox in the doughnut and then smudge the cream ontop of his lunchbox ,i slowly begin to nibble at the doughnut and work my way to the top licking of some of the cream and the time the doughnut is finished i finally finish creaming the cream by sucking % licking every bit of and just continue giving him a bj and till whenever he is ready to explode his own cream.

when it comes to cream u can add a banana,melon,grapes etc... always gets my tougne licking..HMMM YUM YUM.

bye for now... it time for this puss to have her cream.

nothing like a good banana ahahahahahahahahah,peeled cucumbers are very good too!!!