Have you ever seen your parents having sex?

This happened to me 25 years ago.
I came home from the pub early one night and was about to enter the house via the kitchen when I spotted my old man giving it to my mother from behind over the dinning room table. Needless to stay I had to go straight back down the pub for a few more pints.

omg well...i did not see them actually having sex but i did see my dad sitting on the edge on the sofa and my mum kneeling down...giving him a blowjob! i could never look them in the eye again!!

yes...do not want to talk about it though

yes i walked in on them in the shower doing it

Never walked in on my mother, thank Gods!
Heard her on various occasions, though. Ick.

can safely say have NEVER walked in on the 'rents doin it! ugh! i think that could quite possibly be the end of my life! i no, everyone shags, well most ppl, but my parents dont ok!! lol!

My only memory is from when I was about ten. All I can remember is arms and legs at angles. For some reason it reminds me of HR Giger's alien.

Any therapists about? :o

Thank goodness I never did see or hear anything! Not sure how I would have handled it. Probably like welshgooner and knocked down a few more!

ive never caught my parents at it thank god BUT i asked mum one day to use her make up, id had my hair done at home and my make up was every where didnt think to bring any anyways she told me which drawer it was in i must of got the wrong drawer because i didnt find make up i found every toy you could dream off from dildos and vibrators too but plugs and beads and some very strange looking things still dont know what they were! but the worst thing of all in the top of the drawer were photos of them both im not saying any more but lets just say i closed it up quick before i saw anything to much and checked elsewhere for the make up found it and never did admit what i saw, didnt want to!

My parents don't have sex. All three of their children were made in test tubes. I wish.

Never walked in on them, but its a common joke at my house whenever someone gets squirty cream out for my Dad to give that look...

No, but I did once walk to the toilet when 10, and find a naked man there.
I of course apologised and let him finish peeing.

Went back to bed to hide.

Next morning, Mum introduces me to new boyfriend.

once when i was 10....i never turned to tv up so fast! charming.

No, but heard them once. Quite bizzare I must say

Yea I used to hear mine all the time but thankfully never caught them in the act!