Have you ever tasted your own cum?

Title says it all really. I once had a girlfrieng who was always wanting me to taste it. I would agree but then always bottle it at the last minute.
Thoughts anyone?

Doubt my man has, but you've gave me a idea now! *evil chuckle* I'll let you know what he says if I manage to convince (or trick) him!

ive tasted mine... well when you lick your fingers to get some lube going to finger yourself during a session you get quite a taste. Doesnt taste that bad.
why not ask your girl to go down on you first, then while she has the taste in her mouth you can kiss her-with tingues and you'll get a taste. Then you'll see its not that bad and can show her properly that u've tasted it.


I've tried it a couple of times. Slightly salty, not unpleasant.

my fella has tasted both mine and his own...mid-blowjob when he treats me to a bit of pre-cum.. i kiss him, using my tongue...gives him a good taste.. then he returns the favour...lets me taste mine ;O)

I had a friend who used to masturbate then eat the evidence.
Saving the environment one tissue at a time.

I never gone about intentionally tasting my own cum, but if my parter makes me cum during oral, I'm more than happy to taste me on her lips. Of course the taboo aspect of this is pretty arousing too.

Showballing Crayola- absolutely fucking love it- not one of my 5 daily portions but certainly my vitamin C uptake for the day !! Taste varies according to what you eat hun xx

Up for it, love the taste of it before I cum, but immediately afterwards I bottle it a bit. I'm trying to get used to it as it is pretty cool to do it. After I have had a bit of a rest I'm always up for licking it from inside her though, it's just the direct smowball I not too comfortable with.

Dear peeps,
Just in case any readers thought K&J'sOverflowingSexBox and l cannot spell for toffee- snowballing- there you go !!! Or you girlies do you like to taste your juices off hard cocks!!!
Awaits reply.

@KJ and TB.. is it cool to do it? I have often asked Mrs Kunni to let me lick her while she's full but she thinks it's nasty. Seems like I'm gonna have to just do it. I've tasted my pre cum before, but would love to lick it from her!!!

I love tasting my cum on Mr Mercuria, don't find it icky or unpleasant at all. I can't see Mr M reciprocating though......funny that!

Does Snow Balling count? or are you saying when you are alone?

Snow Balling Hell Yea we love to kiss each other when ive cummed in her mouth,and also i love to munch on her Kitty when ive cum inside her

There is nothing i wouldn't do when it comes to sharing Mmmmmm

By Myself: Yes i have tasted it myself i wanted to know what it was like having cum in my mouth,women can describe it,but i really wanted to know if it was a yuck feeling

With a partner ive licked my cum of her body/face etc im fine with it,ive shared my cum with her,but i will not be tasting my cum when im alone,as it doesn't do anything for me

Kuni, always best mouth to mouth rules out solitary stuff l'm afraid !!!

Have you tried this ladies. Put your man's legs back over his head (if he is flexible enough) so his dick is positioned above his face. It helps to do it against a wall or the side of the bed so it is more comfortable for him. Then you can wank him off all over his own face or in his mouth and watch from inches away as it happens. Love it, and I always manage to produce a huge load in that position too.

So what is snowballing? This one caught me off guard!!

It's when a woman (or a man I suppose) is giving a blowjob and doesn't swallow but kisses the blowjobee and passes the load into his mouth. I think the snoballing analogy comes from the fact that the load gets bigger and bigger the more you pass it around, so maybe it stems from some kind of orgy activity. The mind boggles.

Wow Kuni, meant to say l love your photo, would that be a butternut squash perchance, and might that be Mrs K !! Glad to know OA provide an educational service as well.... perhaps they might even get on before the watershed in times to come !!! ha ha

Wow just noticed Kuni's photo. Off for a wank now.....