Have you said no to a partners fantasy or dress up?

A long while ago a other half was talking about the bedroom routine at work with a colleague (I assume comparing routines etc) and she asked me "is there anything you would like me to dress up in or as "

i replied "school girl" to witch she replied " that's sick" maybe I should have said st trinian.

At the time i felt bad but now laugh about it. Even more so when I remember they once roled played as a prostitute right out of the blue, and at the time I was like a nervous school boy thinking at the time if i play along with this she might think I actually might want to see one.we where all young once.

I've never said no, and I don't think I would say no. Not straight away anyway. Dress up is just dress up, I'll dress up as anything my partner asks. Fantasy is a bit different but I like to think I wouldn't say no to any request from my partner.

A lot of people are afraid of some fantasies. They fear it might indicate something sinister.

If you are turned on by a woman dressed as a schoolgirl, does that mean you are turned on by schoolgirls?

A lot of women are turned on by a rape fantasy. In no way does that indicate that they want to be raped, but many people are disturbed by the idea.

Sometimes it is difficult to seperate fantasy and reality.

Role Play should be a safe way of carrying out these fantasies, knowing that the reality is not something you actually want to do.

I wouldn't say no if hubby asked but he tends to prefer sexy lingerie rather than a role.

Nope.. and neither would I.

I have once but only because he wanted me to dress up in a vile tacky red devil pvc outfit and I was quite fed up with him at the time anyway, I didn't want to pay to look and feel like a total chump!

No... never.

Id never say no to a fetish/fantasy but i dont wanna dress up in the sense of role play. Id laugh too much to role play and not confident enough to dress up as something

I love dressing up so can't see me ever saying no to that.
As for fantasies well i haven't so far and five years in id be surprised if he said anything that id be to shocked by.