Have you seen what search does now?

Way cool.

It's not doing anything unusual or different - is something magical supposed to happen?

What does it do Rose?

Yeah I have to admit to not knowing what I should be looking for... Sorry :(

Am I missing something ?

Suzywong wrote:

Am I missing something ?


naww im gutted im missing out now ;) lucky you rose

Lol Stephanie now you will have them all annoyed that they are not the chosen percentage!!! It's like waving chocolate to children and not letting them have it

Mine does it too :P

Whats it supposed to do ?? :( x

I want in whats going on do tell

Oooh nifty, I like it! Looks really good :)

What does it do we feel left out.

oooh I have it, its so much easier, I only need type Vac and a drop box appears for me to click Vac-U-Lock dildos, harness etc, so I just click the dildos if I wanna look through them. Saves typing more, or searching all Vac-U-Lock items. Great if you are lazy like myself.

from me Lovehoney

I noticed this a couple of nights ago! It's very handy!

nods, so much quicker