Have you seen....

...the new Nalone range?

It's amazing - and I see sex toys all day, every day. Takes a lot to impress me these days! Check out my blog on why I think these toys are so amazing.

Yes i have! They've all been added to my wishlist and sex toy tester wishlist, they look fantastic! I really hope I get picked to be sent one! Great blog entry too x

Just read the blog and discovered the Nalone range is even better then I had thought! I wish I could have the whole set now lol! If my man doesn't treat me to something from the range for my birthday then I'm going to have to treat myself haha x

I have seen the new range indeed....

cant wait to read some of the reviews too < they look the part but the reviews can make or break a product

Great Blog I didn't realise how amazing the range actually was. I am going to have to invest in one.

They all look amazing! I want the full range! I think I'll start with the kegal excersiser, although it all looks unreal!!

The wand looks like it could be the best toy ever.

Not yet. I did buy mrs burgundy the love honey deluxe magic wand which has rendered all other toys obsolete. I'm in danger of becoming obsolete myself.

Yes! Not only do they look gorgeous, but they sound incredible too!

Yes I read your blog! :D I think I'd be more interested in getting a vibe if I had a partner to take control of if, then they'd be the voice of command!

Yes! I really want one of the wands!

Ohhh I love the look of these wishlist is getting longer

i love the look of them put nearly all of them in my tester list i don't hold out much hope of getting picked to test any of them

myghost wrote:

i love the look of them put nearly all of them in my tester list i don't hold out much hope of getting picked to test any of them

:D I did the exact same

theyre so prety an i love the idea of a metal wand :)

They do look amazing, I have the Nalone Bullet and it looks lovely. The box it comes in makes it look so elegant! I love it. Can't wait to give it a whirl! Metal bullet wahay. xx

They look amazing - so pretty and such amazing technology

Judging by some of the responses to my review of the Nalone Electro USB Wand (you can find it in the Sex Toys section as it was quite lengthy and i'm certain when it goes live next week, it will be edited!) - it's not quite ready to take the crown for best massage wand, but it's a damn close shot. I personally loved it. It ticks all my boxes - it's stylish - it's powerful without being OTT (the top setting on the LH wand is just a tad 'too' powerful AND very noisy!) - and it doubles as an insertable vibrator as well (Hello P-spot!) - it's 2 toys in one and I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't experienced the pleasures of a wand. But check out the review and make up your own mind.

They all look so good. More money to spend lol