I just wondered if anyone has ever experienced severe headaches after a solo session? I have had them if I’ve ever had video or phone sex as well but never when with a partner. I assume its caused by adrenalin?

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Could be Adrenalin but could also be breathing related. As people get close to orgasm, they often tense up and it can affect the amount of oxygen getting into your system. It’s possible you are just more relaxed when you are with a partner.

When a person is about to orgasm their Blood pressure will increase causing vessels to dilate quickly which can cause a headache. Other causes could be due to the tension in the head and neck that is caused by the exertion of masturbating.
You may well not experience the same effects when having sex with your partner due to being more relaxed, more sexually aroused and not having to use as much energy in achieving an orgasm as you do when masturbating.
I’d say do have your blood pressure taken, it does not have to high for a person to get a headache post orgasm though.

@Calie @DanceswithPenguins @Fantasy69 Thanks for your replies which all make complete sense. I generally have low blood so that may be a contributor too.

I have, especially after a long session. Sometimes it happened when I orgasmed and sometimes it got so bad that I had to stop before I reached orgasm. In the end I was prescribed medication to reduce my blood pressure.

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Hi I dont get headaches after a solo session but get very shakey after sex not sure if this answers your question hope all is well

Adrenaline, blood flow and also if your getting these headaches while looking at a screen during a solo session it can be eye strain from the blood pressure building up :slightly_smiling_face:

I have given myself headaches after some really intense orgasms. Its been a while though so there was probably some other factor involved.

I get this a lot, but I web cam, so I spend my days getting excited and not getting chance to finish, once I finally do, I get a banging headache and pain behind the eyes.

Think its getting that release of endorphins that does ur, mixed with breathing.

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