Health Certificate

hey there.
so basically, i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a health certificate and how much they cost?
is there anywhere i can get one for free?

Certificate for what exactly? STD's so you can get work in a porn film, or general fitness, so you can be allowed to do dangerous sports? Or something other specific? It depends what you need, but you could try asking at a Brook Advisory Centre, or your GP.

Your GP can provide you with one but they'll probably charge you depending on whether or not you need to have a medical as well.

Try a family planning clinic (the ones you get told about in school at 14 to encourage you to not have sex- free condoms, DON'T HAVE SEX!!! mixed messages or what?!) They do a lot of things at cheaper rates, so could be worth a price check :)

lol yea i remember being told that at school.
and yea basically it is for porn lol. i need a certificate to do it but i had no idea where to get one.
and i dont wanna have to pay loads for it.
thanks, i think i will try one of those clinics lol.