Hello all.

I'm new to Love Honey, and also sex toys in general really, having only just bought my first anal dildo recently.

Umm... what else to tell?

I'm 20, male, still live with my parents and unemployed (brilliant combination, I know) in the mid north of Wales, and a virgin, in pretty much the whole sense of the word.

Hobbies are reading and writing (mainly sci-fi, military and fantasy, but little bit of erotica). I'm also a miniature wargamer.

Sexuality wise, uh.. I'm not overly sure myself to be honest. The female form does get me hard, as do certain men. I like a woman with a big bust and a big ass (no matter how rare that actual combo is), but I am also aroused by a man with a big dick. Which might be a bit counter-productive for an anal virgin.

Can't think of what else to say really.

Hi and welcome to the forum! It's a great community on here, so I'm sure if you get involved with the discussions and get to experiment with LH's great range of toys, you'll get more of an idea as to what you're in to. LH is great for that! Be warned though- it's a little addictive! Have fun :)

SR36: Oh yeah, no doubt. From what I've read, it looks I'll definitely get a more solid grounding on what I'm into.

Hello, and welcome from a fellow newbie. I'm sure you will enjoy it!


Hi there and welcome to the forums :) x

Hey, welcome to the forums :)

HI and Welcome. Similar interests to me in the wargaming department .Historical wargaming (Naps and WW2) are my main interests.

LH will certainly send you on a sexual campaign :)

Hello and welcome!

Hi welcome to the forums, they are very friendly and infomative.


There are plenty of folks here who post really good advice if you have any questions, I often read the threads and it seems that no matter how "out there" a question is there are loads of people who have gone through the same experiences and are qualified to give an honest and worthy opinion. Not all are going to agree, but the opinions always give food for thought and there is always some real truth and considered responses.

Then there's people like me who are just looking for pathetic validation on the state of their nipples from Wildflower.

Don't be intimidated by how many of the posters have built up a rapport over time, its easy to jump in and although it may seem a bit cliquey (sorry guys) at first, it's really not. When I first perused the forums I wondered why so many people seemd to have thousands of posts, didn't they have a ps4? A couple of months later I have spent god knows how many hours here, it probably won't last for ever but its been a blast and I would never have imagined that you could place such importance on the musings of strangers.

Forget other forums this place must have a combined life experience of thousands of years (even discounting the negative contribution from me).

I came here looking for anal tips and despite "Operation Rusty Trombone" being a failure I hold no grudges against the advice by the forum members. It's not their fault that despite me being hung like a hamster I'm apparently still too big for a drive down the Hershey Highway.

Hi and welcome ....don't be afraid or ashamed to ask ABSOLUTLEY anything ....none of us bite !! :-D

'Allo, 'Allo & welcome. Have fun.

Hi there and welcome :) You'll certainly find these forums addictive!

Thanks for the all the kind words people.

mysteron: nice to meet a fellow wargamer on here.

macspants: yeah, from what I saw, this place does look very nice and open for people new to the sex toy game. Which is good to know.

Hiya 😊

Hello! And welcome to lovehoney. Im sure you will enjoy your stay here! I will have been here a year next month and I love everything abouttheis site.Recommended it to all my friends! X

Welcome :)

Hi and welcome!

Hello, welcome, I'm sure you will enjoy

Hello and welcome to the forums.