Hello Everyone

Hi, i've been a member for a long time and read regularly but figured i should finally say hello, so hi :)


Hello there. I'm sure you're aware of my fascination with the rules then?

I'm glad you've decided to take the plunge!

Hello & Welcome to the Orgasm Army!

I'm sure u'll find us a friendly lot

Please excuse avatar as it's bum revolution month!


Hey and welcome

Howdy Kelly and welcome!
SG x

Hello, nice to see you have decided to join in. x

Hello and welcome im new here myself, although my partner often posts on the forums. It seems like fun. X

Hello and welcome to the forum

Hey Kelly! Welcome to the forums, I hope that you have a great time. Everyone here is very positive and supportive so if you're curious about anything then just ask.

hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome p

hello and welcome

Hiya xx