Hello from China

Hello everyone,

Wow, I can't believe I almost forgot there was such amazing community here :) I've been a LoveHoney customer since last January, when I was visiting home (UK) from my usual studies in China, and discovered there are plenty of things to make the 3 weeks away from my girlfriend more comfortable, hehe. I am visiting again next January, and you'll bet I'll be stocking up on stuff to bring back with me!

I've been hovering around this fantastic community for a while now, and couldn't wait any longer to sign in and start talking. It really is great that a place such as this exists for free, open and comfortable sexual talk. I feel most comfortable to blend in and chat here rather than anywhere else. You all seem so friendly and non-judgemental.

I'm 20 this year, male and currently doing language study in China before I start my BA back home next year. The entire reason I came to China was, apart from my love of Chinese culture, that I came here to be with my lovely girlfriend after a year and a half's LDR between China (her) and the UK (me). We'd known each other from sending emails, calling, etc for a long time, and you know, one thing led to another... Next year she's hopefully coming with me to study in the UK.

If you're wondering, my name certainly isn't some sort of reflection on my bedroom performance - it's inspired by the clock on my desk that is always set at the wrong time. It's at the wrong time to show that time has no meaning when you're sitting studying Chinese for most of the day's hours...but on the upside there is sex as a lovely reward :) Still though, Chinese rocks.

Wow, that was a bit longwinded, sorry. Hello to everyone! It's great to meet you all! How are you? I see there's an initiation or two I must do, guess I should get stuck in...

Hi there! welcome to the forum!

Just interested in this desk clock. As (I'm guessing) a primary english speaker in China, is this an english clock or a chinese one? I have a nice wall clock with kanji symbols on it. We bought it because we loved the one Hiro in Heroes on TV had in the very first episode, plus we had our honeymoon in Japan, so it seemed appropriate.

Anyhow, read the rules and enjoy yourself!

Hello there, In hope you find something good to take back with you this time round. The forum is great as you have already noticed, I love the fact that you can talk freely about sex without the pervy comments you get elsewhere. Hope you stick around xxx

Hello there!

Oooo exotic! I commend you on your desire to explore the world! Exploring is good... China is one of those countries that holds a certain fascination for me, I'm booked in for a basic Mandarin course in Jan! Although I'm terrible at languages.

Have a read through the welcome thread and rules:


I look forward to seeing you around!

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Hope you enjoy it here - I'm sure you will!


Thanks everyone for the kind welcomes!

It's an English desk clock, though I used to have a lovely Chinese one too with the numbers in characters. It's one of those modern-style artsy ones which has the numbers 1 to 5 in words, 12, 9 and 6 in digit numbers, and the rest just black dots. It's nicely surreal and turns study into a little dreamworld. Your clock sounds lovely, and I think there's not really a more beautiful way of showing numbers than the characters/Kanji on the clock. toycar69, I hope the two of you had a wonderful honeymoon in Japan. Given the chance in the future, my girlfriend and I had always wanted to spend a honeymoon in Hokkaido should we get married.

Many thanks too, suze9 and WandA I'll try to stick around as often as I can. Thank you, I certainly commend your enthusiasm to take on Chinese too - I agree, it's a fascinating language and China can be a very fascinating country too. All the best for your Mandarin course in Jan! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine. People say Mandarin or any form of Chinese is extremely hard to learn, but it's not quite like that - Chinese isn't easy as such, but it's characteristic is that it takes time. Doing it at a fast pace is hard, but giving yourself time, study comfort and breathing space can make it very enjoyable to learn and make it feel far easier. Feel free to let me know if there's anything you'd like a hand with of course

Thanks once again, I look forward to seeing everyone around too.

Well thank you MH.

It's only conversational but with the option to learn further, I really am terrible at other languages though. I wanted to take it this year but my studies clashed.

See you around!

Hi Minutehand - welcome to the forums. It's lovely to see some international visitors! I would love to visit China and hope to do so next year. Learning the language must be a very very long process but hopefully it will give you lots of options for the future. Hope to see you around - Bonny

Hi and welcome to the forums. Hope to see you around. x

Thanks for welcoming me, Bonny and sexy little minx, hope to see you both around too I hope you have the chance to visit China too - I'm sure you'll have a great time. The language takes a while to learn, but is all good fun in the end. If you don't like big cities all too much, I can recommend my current city Xiamen to you - tropical weather, clean air and very tidy. Beautiful place down in the south.