Hiya , just thought Id say hello , as Ive been reading a lot of these forums after making my purchases and everyone seems such a lovely bunch. Im straight although if you ask my partner thats questionable and almost married, engaged but the day has never come , My questionable orientation staus is in my love for anal toys and play and my other quirks (Answers further down)

Anyway other than that im going to follow Hella Rouges Structure of fun (or not so) questions for newbies to the forums. Here we go

Favourite love honey purchase.

Rene Rofe Satin and Lace Chemise, I havnt receievd it yet as only ordered Friday night, but I can't wait !

One unusual fact about yourself

My Favourite Coulour is Pink

An unusual sexual persuasion or kink you have.

Now this one difficult in the sense there are so many , Is there a word limit count (Please)

My biggest is being a crossdresser in private, I dont do the going out and flaunting it, Just in the bedroom.

Then theres the bondage.........the voyeurism, the Anal Play and the fact I love anything girly etc etc, I dont really have any hangups.

Relationship status

As above

Sex tip to share

Be open and honest and be willing to try anything once.

Anyway thats me


Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Take a look at the rules: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/258478-read-lovehoney-forum-rules/

Heres the search function:http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/57067-read-the-search-function/

Hope the fleshlight is good. Nothing wrong with being a virgin sweetie, its good to talk about sex now, relationships and sex is all about communication.

Enjoy yourself and see you around.

MM xx

Thats cheating LOL, you copied and pasted, ive seen that same reply somewhere else. Whats a Fleshlite ? LOL

I meant to cut the fleshlight bit out.

Thats just what I type on the introduce yourself threads.

No worries. I know, Ive read other peoples introductions before i posted mine to get a gist of what it should include. Anyway thanks


Don't forget to review for us!

See you around!

Hi Pobby,

Welcome! X

Welcome Pobby!



hello and welcome x

Many thanks for all the welcomes, I hope to make some new friends :) Regards

Welcome x

What can I say but Welcome again!

Hiya Pobby and welcome to the forums dude! SG

Hey Pobby welcome to the OA x

Hello pobby! Hope you enjoy your LH purchase and have plenty of fun on the forums!

Hi, welcome to the OA! I like a good introduction x

merry cherry wrote:

Hello pobby! Hope you enjoy your LH purchase and have plenty of fun on the forums!

I would be enjoying my purchase if we hadn't had to go out and miss the parcel :( Oh well, theres always tomorrow :)