Labels and catagories are pointless. If you develop a desire to eat a curry do you start to wonder if you're turning Indian?

Psychologists will tell you that everyones sexuality is fluid - your desires and fantasies can change and develop through life just like your taste in films / clothes / food or whatever. Experimentation is natural, particularly in your teens when your sexuality is growing. Doing something doesn't place you in any boxes. I once tried fishing, but I'm not an angler!

Perversely I lable myself here, but I choose to do that because I want to raise the awareness that guys can be bi as well as the zillions of bi women here.

If it's any help, I agonised for ages in my teens over whether it was "right" to try anything with another boy. I worried a lot! When I finally did try it I thought "Wow!" and wondered what all the fuss was about. It's all perfectly natural, you're just using a different set of equipment to have fun with!

Go ahead and experiment - you'll be glad you did. And worse case scenario is that you don't enjoy it. So big deal.