HELP!! cobra libre 2 !! charging problems

hi lovehoney and forum members , not sure whether iv just been unlucky here and bought this at a time where there is a faulty batch but this is my second one after sending first one back last week for same problem .

charging this thing up for 10 hours + and im lucky if this lasts more than 2 or 3 minutes , while on charge the "fun" button continuely flashes and the "minus" button just flashes on occasions , no light what so ever on the "plus" button , is this normal ?

obviously spending nearly £130 on this product i am now getting a bit frustrated , the reveiws for it are awesome and i have not read of anyone having the same problem i am having .

has anyone got one of these and can give me any advice , am i doing something wrong while trying to charge it , does it need a day or two to get this thing charged ?? surely not ??

i was really hoping i would not have to send this product back again but it is looking highly likely , not sure i can bring myself to try this a third time and end up disappointed again .

I don't have the cobra libre, but I have a few Fun Factory toys and they are a really good brand normally so it does seem a little odd that you have had 2 with the same fault. I know the Stronics take a long time to fully charge, but I wasn't aware of any others being the same. However, I would suggest giving it around 16 hours to doubly make sure.

Is the charging cable definitely staying attached properly? Is it on a flat surface away from anything that might knock it or snag the cable some how?

How are you actually charging it? Is it being charged through a USB plug or a laptop/computer? Have you tried charging it elsewhere as the issue could be with the toy or cable not like being plugged into whatever source you are using. (Even if all your other toys are happy being charged there)

Normally with FF, the Fun button will flash to start with, then the minus and then the plus as the battery starts to fill up; the plus button won't start to flash until it is close (ish) to the end of the charging.

hi kelly , thanks for replying , i have it charging from the mains and its all connected fine , im giving it a massive charge from 10am this morning , it will be going overnight and all day tomorrow while i am at work . so its going to have around 30 hours , if this dont do the trick then i guess it will have to go back again .

will update tomorrow night on the outcome .

I always like to chuck in a mention about the travel lock just in case. 🙂👍 (press and hold the fun and minus buttons to lock, and the fun and plus to unlock).

Hope you get it working. 🤞

well i figured it was going to be bad news and i was right , after 32+ hours on charge from mains socket the flashing never changed , never once did i see it even flash once on the "plus" icon , just kept same pattern all the way just like the previous one they sent me , it lasted no more than a few minutes before it died on me . obviously i am extremely disapointed in the product , maybe iv just been unlucky and bought at a bad time when they have a glitchy batch going about , sadly i cant bring myself to try this a third time .

obviously i will be sending this back , i dont really want a refund , i just want a reliable toy , can anyone recommend anything in the £130 price range which is what i paid for this and i will happily just do a straight swap . quite like the idea of vibro so something along those lines .

just been on live chat , and the customer service was awesome , they are sending me out a new toy of my choosing , roll on friday delivery day and no more problems :-)))

Fun Factory are normally really reliable, so getting two faulty toys would be incredibly unlucky. Like you say though, it could be a bad batch. Have you tried charging from a different power source? Your PC or laptop maybe? (I often use my PS4 if I'm checking and charging my whole stash and need the extra slots 🙂)

Like kelly_michelle we don't have the Cobra Libre, but we do have a couple of other Fun Factory toys. I've had a quick look at the Cobra's instructions online (though I do have a hard time deciphering some of their pictures sometimes) and it seems to work/charge in a similar way to ours. I've just put both of mine on to charge to remind myself exactly what flashes and when.

(I've plugged them into USB plug adapters and plugged them into the wall)

The magnetic connector of the charging cable lights red when it's plugged in with power going to it.

The minus light flashes when the battery is charging at 0-33%, then the plus button will flash when it's at 33-66%, and the Fun button will flash when it's doing the last 66-100%. All the lights go out when it's fully charged (except for the red cable light).

Check the travel lock (Fun and minus to lock, Fun and plus to unlock). If the travel lock is on pressing any button will make the Fun and Plus buttons flash, but that's it.

Once charged and unlocked pressing any button will make the Fun button flash, but won't start the toy. Press and hold the Fun button to start. Use the plus and minus buttons to scroll through the vibration/pulsation/pattern settings. Pressing the Fun button again will turn the toy off.

I know it's all pretty basic info, but it can be useful to have someone confirm you've not overlooked anything. 🙂 Hope you find it useful.

I had issues with my cobra as well, i contacted lovehoney who sorted it out under promise