Help He hasn't cum

After developing a sensual relationship in past few months I'm beginning to wonder if he will cum. I've been researching delayed ejaculation has anyone experienced this and over come it (excuse the pun) ?

I haven't experienced this, but have you tried talking to him about it? Chances are, if it has been going on a while, he'll be feeling awkward about the situation as well, which may only be making things worse.

Kind of skirted around the subject at first he said it's all about you tonight. Then a couple of times I asked what do I need to do said gets off with me enjoying myself but I really want to make it happen for him he's so kind and effectionate not what I'm used to with ex husband.

lelu under the cockhead, makes the dead cum. will cum even if not erect.

I went through a faze of tantric sex in the 70's and that left me with the ability of holding off an orgasm. Unfortunatly, sometimes this would result in a prolonged session and no orgasm, not every womans dream!

Have you tried kinkysteph's suggestion, I can't hold back on that, and if someone does that to me, then it's the only way that I can achieve a full body orgasm.

Tell him "today is all about you" and a spoonfull of lube! lol

Enjoy. x

Really pleased to tell you that I sucked him til he came such a good Christmas present then felt so good about myself had a squirting O - not had one in years and he was very surprised! But today in spite of trying sucking again this morning didn't manage it so I just said shame to waste it and got on !

Brumguy and kinky Steph can you give me bore advice on that area and what I should try ?

It sounds like things are moving in the right direction - maybe he's starting to relax more? Hopefully you've got the ball rolling now!

Hope things are still going well.I have a similar problem with my current partner,but he says it's because he had surgery down there recently and is still not in top form.Will be working on it. xx

He's could be super focused on coming that it's creating a mental block. I had a patch where I couldn't come unless I was focusing on something completely unrelated. Not that I'm suggesting talking about the dishes in bed but maybe bring something in to distract him, like ice cubes. Drag them in various places over his skin, places that he wouldn't expect, maybe blow him while you do it and see what happens.

Tell him how you feel,hes probley picked up that somethings wrong, which has made it worse,being a man hes thinking prob he cant please you,. but remember some women come quick some take ages, same for some men. i have same problem only recently getting over it abit, what we do and being honest with each other, when she happy had enough!! i say now its my turn ,you may be bored for a bit ,but you know hes fulfilled, and think that bits the prob, ???

Have you discussed or tried anal simulation, perhaps one to explore but it is not for everyone.