help I need some suggestions

sex has become painful for my wife after childbirth we take care of each other orally and she has no problem pegging me but what else can I do for her

Probably things you've tried .
Obviously we don't know if she had stitches or anything or she is just tender. So I would suggest taking it slowly, massage's, plenty of foreplay, copious amounts of lube. Nipple play if breast's don't hurt. Maybe she'd like Anal sex too. Stop if she seems uncomfortable with anything sexual. Alot of women find sex scary after childbirth, for a variety of reasons, eg. ..will I get pregnant, my body is now in mother mode not sexual object mode, hormones are a bitch. A mental block. if she is still in pain a while after giving birth she ought to see the health visitor / midwife / Dr. Good luck x

When we had our first child sex was very painful for my wife after. She was also much tighter than before. She tore when giving birth and the person who did her stitches made a right mess. She had to go back in a few months later to be stitched properly. Everything back to normal after that.

Tender loving Care and lots of lube. Does it even hurt if a finger is inserted? As you may be able to, over time gradually get her use to a finger then introduce another etc. When did she give birth? Did she tear and have stitches? If it was recent she still needs to give her body time to heal otherwise is could be a psychological issue where she thinks it will be painful and this in itself can make it painful as the body tenses. If it does not resolve she should see her GP who can offer help and see what the root cause is. Good luck x

Over 6 months ago and it was a C-section no fingers or anything else without pain

I'd recommend seeking medical help.

Your gp can refer you to see a woman's health physiotherapist

I've had 2 c-sections and my stomach muscles still hurt for an awfully long time after, and I admit I was scared he'd do damage to my insides. ( He was well endowed)
But after reading your update I'd go with her to the Dr's. She can ask for a female Dr, if she feels awkward.
I had my last child 10 years ago occasionally I get pain, certain things I do exercise wise trigger it and I think Christ that hurts .
She just may need to be told it's OK. You won't hurt / damage anything in order for her to relax. Or eventity counselling .

If she had a c section then I would recommend she sees a GP as technically she shouldn't find it painful down below as nothing should have altered down there, she needs to talk it through as to what could be triggering the pain.