help needed

can n e 1 help me, i used to have a vibrator called the Zig Zag, i got it from Ann Summers but have worn it out, and i can't find one n e where, Ann Summers do not make it n e more, i have other vibes but this was one of my faves.will be grateful for any help in finding one.

Can you tell me if it was actually a zig zag shape?
Because I have searched the net with no zig zag shapes or names comming up :S
a small discription should help me and I shall do my best to find you some the like at least if not the one you had before :D

hello, thanks for your help, it is similar to the Contour Pleasure Vibe, although i think it is slightly thinner and seethrough yellow in colour (althought i have no preference in colours)i am really grateful for this.

hi happycamper. thank's for that will give toy joy lambada & the toy joy squirmy a go.

Cheers happycamper Ive had a look at these links and i'm thinking of expanding my toy collection now :P

thanks happy camper ive just ordered the slimeline g-spot vib xxx