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This :point_right:

Sizing how is it.

Im a 10 with large hips which the hubby loves and he adores a tight short dress.

Im wondering is the 8-10 to small as i dont want to look like a sausage bursting out of its skin.

Does it come with any knickers.

I cant see if it does but i assume it may perhaps.



I don’t own this particular outfit but reading the reviews lots suggest sizing up one, so if it was me then I would go for a bigger size personally. I would assume it doesn’t come with any knickers as the description makes reference to “your favourite knickers”.

Hopefully someone who owns can confirm but thought I’d pop a comment in. I also find the size guides on the product page really helpful usually, and there’s a couple of references in the reviews that this is accurate so it’d be worth checking that out as well! :blush:


The reviews have a lot of opinions on the sizing. The most recent review has the persons measurements included that might help you but I find checking the size guide and the reviews very helpful.

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Thank u x

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Well i took the plunge guys and went with the 12-14

Lets hope it does the trick