Help Please for underwear for big boobies

Hi all i'm sure someone out there can help me.

i am a 32GG bra size on the big side you might say. they have also drifted southwards after breastfeeding the little darling. i'm also about 12/14 elsewhere

i really want some slutty/saucey underwear. i'm really struggling something to accommodate me buns!!( well loaves) i really like the chemises and babydolls. i've ordered several items from here and nothing has come up to scratch. i need something with some support or i really don't feel that confident or sexy.

any advice or ideas

im a 40gg an been so trying to find some really HOT lookin bras that dont cost an arm & a leg . so far ive failed .. id LOVE to get some saucy undies in my size so i can feel , if not naughty .. at least confident :) ill watch this thread with a keen eye

Have to agree with you ladies I'm a 36GG and find it so hard to find really sexy stuff

I have tried to buy sexy underwear/bodystocking and struggle as I am 38H. I have bought a bodystocking - a "queen " size which was okay, but absolutely no support!!!! I need support probably more than you ladies - I will watch to see if anyone has any other suggestions!!

What about a corset ?

I've got a few of those. whilst i love the feel of these i get quite hot during a session and have the urge to get naked. a corset is not a get naked quick item. sometimes it restricts the positions i can do too.

corsets are just NOT my style , id wear one for a partner happily if asked .. but i kinda want some hot sexy bras and knicks that i can wear under my noormal stuff an just ..know iuts all lush under there :)

bra stop is fairly cheap, you may find what your looking for =]

Could maybe try boux avenue other than that theres bravissimo and leia lingerie which can be costly x

is there anyone on here who has bought lingerie from LH who has big boobies?


boux avenue is a lovely site, they cn be expensive, but ait for the sales, i bought 4 bras, 4 pairs of pants, a candle holder, some room spray and some hand creme all for £30 including postage in their xmas sale. I dont have big boobs, but i know they do bigger sizes for the women with bigger boobs :D their bras also last for ages, so even if you do pay the £8-£28 for them when theyre not in sale you know they'll last and theyre also very very comfortable :D

Well, as you probably realise, you have an amazing body but being so bounteously endowed you do need to take extra care of your boobs.

This may seem strange coming from a man, but you need to get yourself to a good shop for large bras and get fitted every time you buy a bra. The sizing up there in your cup size is a bit variable, to say the least, and you owe it to your boobs to do the best job you can for them. I have boobs, and being a man they're not just the same as lady-boobs, so I try to get fitted to get the best look and feel I can. Individual bras cost more, but you end up spending less.

You may not be able to wear some of the stuff designed for smaller breasts, but take it from me, you'll be a hit in any well-fitting bra. You can always wear something light and floaty on top, but with a good bra underneath it will all look tremendous. And when you do take your bra off for your OH - well, we won't go there ...

As has been mentioned on other threads, a good bra set with suspenders and stockings can make most other bedroom-wear redundant!

I used to be a 30H and had my first breast reduction at 17 and my second at 19. It was always a nightmare trying to find bras (especially because I have such a small back and people think you can't be thin AND have massive boobs) that weren't completely full cupped and granny like and also reasonably priced. Bravissimo is okay but pretty expensive. I'd recommend the brand Freya as they have decent sizes and are also still pretty/sexy. Try ebay to find some reasonably cheap, even if they're not 100% brand new, so that you can see which styles fit the shape of your boobs best. Remember that you might need different sizes depending on the style even if they are all made by the same brand. Figleaves is also a decent website for various bras/swimwear/lingerie etc.
Unfortunately for me, even after two breast reductions and now being somewhere between a 30DD and a 30E I still can't seem to find anything other than fully covered plain bras due to horrible stretched scarring around my nipples that always decide to peek out and show their ugly self!
Hope I've helped at least a little bit!

Also forgot to say that I've tried Boux Avenue and haven't had any luck with them. Their bras go up to bigger sizes but the bras themselves don't really seem to do much for bigger boobs if that makes sense? Also Bra Stop sizes are a bit iffy but you might have better luck than me!

best fit with being even remotely pretty so far has been the fantasie rnge

All the Eveden brands (Fantaise, Fauve, Elomi and others) are good for big boobs - so the girls tell me - and if you're around Northamptonshire you can visit the factory shop in Desborough (Google Eveden Factory Shop) where the stuff is about half price, or has been when I've been there. The staff are quite good, too and you can try on and get help.

A lot of women make long journeys there and stock up with nice undies, although of course being a factory shop you don't know exactly what there'll be. I've seen no end of mothers and daughters making the pilgrimage together.

i am a size 12 with 32hh boobs u carnt get raunchy underwere bodys cammis that have enougth metirial in them it would b a good monny maker if thay made them for us wanted to take my ideas to someone but dont know who

I know places online like Marisota/SimplyBe (I'm quite sure they're the same store). Yours and Evans all have big sizes in bras.

I have the opposite - I'm a 42/44 depending on the make but only a c cup. It's as hard to get sexy bras in a large back size and smaller cup size as it is with small back size and a generous cup!

They also have the large backs on SimplyBe, Evans hun!