help please

Me and my hubby have been married 6yrs in Nov and I'm finding it impossible to get wet!!!

No-one but myself has ever made me cum. Sorry for tmi but im due to have a colposcopy and treatment for severe dyskariousis shortly and I think this may have contributed.... I know i have children but I hate the thought of anything other than his uh hum goin in there so fingers and toys are out of the question...

I have tried showing him how i do it myself but it doesn't feel the same. Hes starting to wonder if i'm not attracted to him anymore which isn't the case, I still feel the same way I did when we first met...

We have spoken about this as we are very open and honest about this but just looking for ideas really!!! What do I do???

I don't know what dyskariousis is. But fingers and toys are all about foreplay. Without that and the tounge i will never get wet. Making it hard to have sex. Mind you i don't mind his thing rubbing up and down on my clit! Unless i have a sexy thoughts on a hot sunny day or if he texts me sexually. Then i would never get wet lol. I don't really know what to suggest, cos what you dont like its what you need i think. Unless you put some porn on or dress sexy x

We watch porn and dress up but right now its now workin :( Like the txtin idea but we together all the time at the moment!!! So I cant see that happenin plus i would have to tell him to txt me and it wouldn't b unexpected if u no wot i mean

That was the problem with my ex. Since we were living together it was no more fun in it anymore....cos you don't bother in making an effort you start to just get on with it and then it gets boring because you have lost the plot of how to turn each other on. I maybe going out of the box here. But thats all i could think of cos for me back then the magic had gone. x

We have tried lubes b4 but I can only use water based ones which doesn't leave much choice but will give that a go. I think my oh is just feeling like hes not turning me on :( Its abnormal cells on the cervical wall which require lasering/freezing away... Sorry should have explained really

Amykins I don't think its that hes a turn on on his own... Hes possibly the only guy that I find attractive as I prefer seeing women when watching porn!! lol I do understand your theory tho coz I think it mite b that were together all the time were young and we have children so we don't have a lot of time to ourselves.... but we are very adventerous and we will try anything new really in the bedroom :0

Agree with sexyboots, have you tried lube and there are some good external toys. I hated the thought of anything other than my partner inside me but strangely my first toy was a rabbit. I only used the ears for a long time. I still only use the ears as the insertable part does nothing for me but I have since moved on to other things. How about something non intimidating like a small bullet or finger ring, they can be picked up cheaply so if you don't like them you havent lost anything. You could try them out by yourself before introducing them to your OH.

Also boots used to do a sleeve you put over your finger. It doesn't vibrate which is good if you don't want the viberations but it adds a bit of extra friction to help things along. You do need to use lube with it though. Can't remember what it was called but it began with V. I didn't like it myself but it did have some good reviews.

Yeh he knows... we almost always shop together and usually it is a turn on!! Aww bless you at least you've got that build up to when he gets home ;) I did yesterday and we gonna try again 2nite fingers crossed!! I haven't tried the sleeve but may do that I think its the fingernails and stuff that make me a bit edgy bit of a clean freak and it just scares me and makes me tense (my husband does keep clean hands tho, lol) and just snowballs from there. I know I need to learn to relax but it just seems such a hard thing to do!!