Help! When do I tell him I'm a squirter?!

Hey all I hope you can help me!

I've just met a new guy and I'm wondering whether it would be wise to mention to him that (providing he does things right ;) ) I'm liable to make a bit of a mess during sex. I know some guys really get off on girls squirting (and quite right too!) but some don't and I wouldn't want it to be a "nasty" surprise rather than a good one. Any thoughts?

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If you're good at talking dirty it would be a huge bonus, and laying a towel or something obviously absorbant on the bed before you start could be a big clue, applying to his masculinity while explaining how excited you get would work.. I know it would for me!

But.. if you arn't that brazen, i'm not quite so useful!

i would not tell him, let him find out for himself if he pushes the right buttons.

I would wait and find out if he works it right first, if he starts hitting the spot then move on and have a chat after. He'd most likely be impressed and sure to help out

Just thinking out loud...

If you tell him right away, he'll likely feel pressured to make you squirt and might think that he doesn't measure up if you don't.

So don't tell him, at least for awhile. But if you do squirt, maybe say something like "Oh my god, I wasn't expecting to do that so soon!" and turn it into a compliment?

i agree with rose hip, if you tell him ur able to squirt, but he has trouble making you squirt, it will make him feel pretty crappy!

but if he happens to just make you squirt, then he will be feeling like hes done something pretty damn good :)

Id like it to be surprise. And if anything he would like it it makes us think ooh weve accomplished something here!

Defo let it be a suprise im sure he will love it, i did!!!

I would keep it as a surprise, I found out whilst going down on my ex that she squirted! It was an amazingly horny experience and such a turn on! Let him find out with a little bit of guidance if you really want to show him what you can do! Go for it nothing to lose and a lot to gain! Good luck and keep us posted!

I agree with Big Dickie and KinkyKev, surprise him. I loved it. It was a surprise for me, but a very horny one.

Thanks for the advice guys - I think I'm going to keep it under my hat and see if he's up for the challenge! I'll keep you posted!

Good luck and hope it works out for you! Looking forward to the update!!

Yeah i'd go for the suprise thing, if mostly cos of the pressure of wanting to make you squirt. Also, it's gotta be a pretty cool suprise! The onny thing that'd hold me back is the thought of a friend of mine who managed to get an old g/f o squirt while he went down on her. He clearly didn't know about it at the time, and he thought she'd peed in his mouth! Me and his very soon ex laughed about that one for ages. He must have been good with his tongue is all i can say

I'd just make sure you put a towel down or something first and if he asks why, just tell him you tend to get very wet... and then just see what happens! If he's not ok with it then he's not the guy for you.

Anyway, it's hardly a huge problem! If you can't handle the wetness, get out of the vagina, I say :P

Ha ha Shelly I love that quote I'm gonna have to steal it! :)

I know speaking from my own point of view i would like the surprise, i have not been with a squirter yet but got close to making one girl squirt with the good-ol finger motion lol i supose something you could do if you watch porn is have a video with it in and see his reaction that way your finding out a little and it might start off a conversation and more just my 2 cents =)

silvaa wrote:

Ha ha Shelly I love that quote I'm gonna have to steal it! :)

Haha, do! I made it up :P