Help with how to go about a threesum

Hi all me and my wife are looking to spice it up a bit and looking for help on how to go about with a threesum if there a good chat app or website for around bath area

Many people use Fabswingers. Be vary wary though of the possible complications of a threesome and the issues it can raise in relationships. Have fun if you manage to have one.

Maybe do what we did, go to a swinger club and choose the third person to join you. Inviting someone to your home for sex could be awkward if either of you don't want to go through with it. In a club you can just say you don't want to proceed.

Just beware, despite discussing it beforehand (which we hope you've done thoroughly!) you'll never know how you feel seeing your partner having sex with another until it happens. We were fine with it, but some people become very jealous.

Sites like swinging heaven or fab swingers would be a good start or as said above, try a club to start off with, perhaps just watching to make sure it's what you still want. Best of luck and lots of fun 😉

Love fabswingers! Just be bloody careful that it's what you really want.

Totally agree with the advice above. Communication is key, you both have to agree on the third but likewise the idea of choosing "take me out" style would be a turn off for most! Also be prepared to be turned down by the third. There are many single men willing to join in but v few women cooperatively. Your ideal third may also be many other couples' ideal too so be prepared to sell yourselves as their best option too.

i invited a third into my previous relationship and loved it. it was an amazing experience and became a regular thing. with my current relationship i get a sense it wouldnt go down as well. so i agree with all above, do for it with open arms but all the time check in with each other and communicate.

I've met with 2 different couples and had a 3sum with them the first couple it didnt go well and was very awkward but the 2nd couple was the opposite and enjoyed and they loved the experience and I met up with them a few times and had several 3sums with them indoors and outdoors and risky places. As long as your both comfortable with another person joining you and your both happy do it and enjoy yourselfs but if you have the slightest doubt talk to each other and put each others minds at rest hope its helpful