Help with jelly

Recently, I bought a medium sized butt plug, i already had a small one and a bigger one so i was missing a medium for transaction. I found it to be the perfect shape I wanted, but it was my first jelly toy, (my other ones are cyberskin and silicone) and after cleaning it properly and using it the first time, I felt some burning sensation so I decided to clean it more carefully, following the instructions in the package, but I got the same burning sensation, so I stopped using it. Is it possible that I am alergic to jelly toys, or is it just a bad toy that had some extra chemical or something? (I dont have any other jelly ones to try) anyone had any similar experiences?

Yes it could be an allergy, jelly toys have a tendency to "melt" over time. Feel the surface and you'll notice that it is oily.

Well I ordered it like a week ago, I dont know how fast that melting process is. Anyway I'm trying to find a replacement for that toy, made of a different material, I was thinking about vynil rubber, does it have any of the same properties that jelly does that could cause the same allergies? The best choice would be silicone but I can't find the shape I want in any of my local stores.