help with knickers

Hi. I would like some help choosing knickers for myself. Me and gf recently discovered my keen for female lingerie. Shes not really into it but not against, so I dont want to make her uncomfortable with really kinky lingerie like bodystockings or costumes.
I would really like to find some thongs that will hold it in or crotchless one. And some garter belt maybe knikers with suspenders. Am rather big. 38/34.
And one last thing, asking her to let me try heels would be too much?
Thank you

Hiya! Welcome to the forums. Alicia will have a better insight than I do but recently I have noticed these...

...ok they aren't women's knickers but a very similar style with the male anatomy in mind.

I was thinking the same as Rosy - here are a couple of other options that I have found that may be suitable :) x

I wpuld definitely have a look at some of the male underwear that RosyCheek linked to, there is some lovely stuff for guys.`

Do you think your partner would be will to sit with you and maybe suggest what she would be happy with or what she thinks would look nice? Same goes for asking about heels, maybe sit down with her and have a chat about what she is and isn't comfortabe with. Is it something you are hoping to do during sexy time with her, or just a solo thing? Because i'd imagine that will hold a lot of weight in what she will and won't go for.