Helping guys to orgasm easier?

Hi all,
Was wondering if anybody has any idea on creams/gels or something designed to help guys orgasm. I know this is somewhat unusual, since most of these things seem to be to *delay* orgasm - hell, that's the last thing my guy needs! He has a lot of trouble reaching orgasm - frequently he will be "right there" and not quite be able to tip over the edge. I have the same thing sometimes, though I do have a selection of toys that get me to manage it after awhile.

Anyone here have any tips on things that could help? Would be interested to hear!

Vibrating cock rings are a possible crude but effective solution to I personally dont know of any creames etc perhaps you could just try shoving a dildo up his arse, might do the trick.

We have had the same problem, after 5 hrs I gave up I was so tired, I find that Cock rub from ann summers helps, or i tease him until he can stand it any more its does not take him long after that. Have you tried playing with his balls at the same time. Or spank him when he is on top. Or nibble on his neck. That works to.

I've made my own cream in the past and it feels great for solo use, but you wouldn't want to have it inside you (too sensitising). But for masturbation it's great. Really keeps you hard and helps you come. Perhaps he could apply some after you've come during sex, then you can finish him off by hand.

Here's the recipe:

Take a small blob of Deap Heat cream and mix well with good quality hand cream. Apply. Enjoy.

I made the mistake of using neat Deep Heat first time - wont be doing that again!!!

I have a couple of suggestions but they don't involve creams/gels - I've never used anything besides lube.

The first is is like what vixon said, neck, nipples, ears, kissing etc.
Also he should practice control of his blood flow and breathing. Something for the butt might help if he's into it.

I've also used some minor hypnosis with a girlfriend and it works really well too. It takes trust and knowing what they like to hear and think about and talking them into allowing themselves the sensations they want.

Excitement and surprise is great too - it is better if he is distracted and excited by the experience rather than thinkin. :)

It possible he's just getting too wound up about things... its like us girls, if we're tense its very difficult to get over the edge as it were... oral tends to work a treat with my bloke if he's taking a while shall we say

Deep heat sounds a bit drastic, but have any of the boys had good experiences with things like warming lube? My boy has never come in company and decided he'd like to. There's clearly some psychological stuff at work, but he's not very sensitive either.

Lots and lots of foreplay and be patient. It sounds to me though that there may be some underlying reason as to why he cant quite get there. MAybe you could try talking to him or he sees another professional to discuss his problems.

Yep Nexus, an ancient thread, l'll save you the trouble, but the Deep Heat blob mixed with another cream would maybe provide the heat required for the clitoral masturbation cream that is looked for.


Deep heat? LOL. Vibrating cocks will actually desentise the penis?

I suggest plenty of lube and a good hand technique?